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Flax Subsidies** in the United States totaled $3.1 million in 2011

Counties in United States Receiving flax subsidies**, 2011
Rank County Flax Subsidies**
Pct of
1Ward County, North Dakota$390,19312.6%12.6%
2McLean County, North Dakota$300,8809.7%22.3%
3Mountrail County, North Dakota$223,9647.2%29.5%
4Kidder County, North Dakota$196,6646.3%35.9%
5Sheridan County, North Dakota$184,3965.9%41.8%
6Burleigh County, North Dakota$167,6775.4%47.2%
7Valley County, Montana$162,2375.2%52.4%
8Burke County, North Dakota$123,7864.0%56.4%
9McHenry County, North Dakota$93,2863.0%59.4%
10Hettinger County, North Dakota$80,1492.6%62.0%
11Cavalier County, North Dakota$74,9832.4%64.4%
12Bottineau County, North Dakota$74,3282.4%66.8%
13Renville County, North Dakota$61,4842.0%68.8%
14Divide County, North Dakota$58,1001.9%70.7%
15Grant County, North Dakota$54,7821.8%72.5%
16Towner County, North Dakota$46,5861.5%74.0%
17Morton County, North Dakota$45,8411.5%75.4%
18Pierce County, North Dakota$43,6101.4%76.8%
19Stutsman County, North Dakota$40,9911.3%78.2%
20Logan County, North Dakota$36,4111.2%79.3%
21Stark County, North Dakota$36,0281.2%80.5%
22McIntosh County, North Dakota$35,1121.1%81.6%
23Wells County, North Dakota$35,0231.1%82.8%
24Emmons County, North Dakota$34,7711.1%83.9%
25Corson County, South Dakota$33,0061.1%85.0%
26Adams County, North Dakota$32,5491.0%86.0%
27Benson County, North Dakota$27,3130.9%86.9%
28Mercer County, North Dakota$25,7460.8%87.7%
29Williams County, North Dakota$24,1420.8%88.5%
30Ramsey County, North Dakota$23,9330.8%89.3%
31Foster County, North Dakota$23,1090.7%90.0%
32Rolette County, North Dakota$22,7150.7%90.7%
33Bowman County, North Dakota$21,4770.7%91.4%
34Golden Valley County, North Dakota$19,9140.6%92.1%
35Oliver County, North Dakota$17,9910.6%92.7%
36Yellowstone County, Montana$17,9300.6%93.2%
37Daniels County, Montana$17,2140.6%93.8%
38Slope County, North Dakota$17,0360.5%94.3%
39Walsh County, North Dakota$15,3360.5%94.8%
40Dunn County, North Dakota$14,1900.5%95.3%
41Sheridan County, Montana$13,1250.4%95.7%
42Roseau County, Minnesota$12,5270.4%96.1%
43Roosevelt County, Montana$12,3850.4%96.5%
44McKenzie County, North Dakota$11,4520.4%96.9%
45Eddy County, North Dakota$10,5290.3%97.2%
46Day County, South Dakota$9,5470.3%97.5%
47Perkins County, South Dakota$9,3300.3%97.8%
48Fallon County, Montana$9,2730.3%98.1%
49McPherson County, South Dakota$8,7340.3%98.4%
50Sioux County, North Dakota$7,9360.3%98.7%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.