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Flax Subsidies** in the United States totaled $3.1 million in 2011

Counties in United States Receiving flax subsidies**, 2011
Rank County Flax Subsidies**
Pct of
1Ward County, North Dakota$390,19312.6%12.6%
2McLean County, North Dakota$300,8809.7%22.3%
3Mountrail County, North Dakota$223,9647.2%29.5%
4Kidder County, North Dakota$196,6646.3%35.9%
5Sheridan County, North Dakota$184,3965.9%41.8%
6Burleigh County, North Dakota$167,6775.4%47.2%
7Valley County, Montana$162,2375.2%52.4%
8Burke County, North Dakota$123,7864.0%56.4%
9McHenry County, North Dakota$93,2863.0%59.4%
10Hettinger County, North Dakota$80,1492.6%62.0%
11Cavalier County, North Dakota$74,9832.4%64.4%
12Bottineau County, North Dakota$74,3282.4%66.8%
13Renville County, North Dakota$61,4842.0%68.8%
14Divide County, North Dakota$58,1001.9%70.7%
15Grant County, North Dakota$54,7821.8%72.5%
16Towner County, North Dakota$46,5861.5%74.0%
17Morton County, North Dakota$45,8411.5%75.4%
18Pierce County, North Dakota$43,6101.4%76.8%
19Stutsman County, North Dakota$40,9911.3%78.2%
20Logan County, North Dakota$36,4111.2%79.3%
21Stark County, North Dakota$36,0281.2%80.5%
22McIntosh County, North Dakota$35,1121.1%81.6%
23Wells County, North Dakota$35,0231.1%82.8%
24Emmons County, North Dakota$34,7711.1%83.9%
25Corson County, South Dakota$33,0061.1%85.0%
26Adams County, North Dakota$32,5491.0%86.0%
27Benson County, North Dakota$27,3130.9%86.9%
28Mercer County, North Dakota$25,7460.8%87.7%
29Williams County, North Dakota$24,1420.8%88.5%
30Ramsey County, North Dakota$23,9330.8%89.3%
31Foster County, North Dakota$23,1090.7%90.0%
32Rolette County, North Dakota$22,7150.7%90.7%
33Bowman County, North Dakota$21,4770.7%91.4%
34Golden Valley County, North Dakota$19,9140.6%92.1%
35Oliver County, North Dakota$17,9910.6%92.7%
36Yellowstone County, Montana$17,9300.6%93.2%
37Daniels County, Montana$17,2140.6%93.8%
38Slope County, North Dakota$17,0360.5%94.3%
39Walsh County, North Dakota$15,3360.5%94.8%
40Dunn County, North Dakota$14,1900.5%95.3%
41Sheridan County, Montana$13,1250.4%95.7%
42Roseau County, Minnesota$12,5270.4%96.1%
43Roosevelt County, Montana$12,3850.4%96.5%
44McKenzie County, North Dakota$11,4520.4%96.9%
45Eddy County, North Dakota$10,5290.3%97.2%
46Day County, South Dakota$9,5470.3%97.5%
47Perkins County, South Dakota$9,3300.3%97.8%
48Fallon County, Montana$9,2730.3%98.1%
49McPherson County, South Dakota$8,7340.3%98.4%
50Sioux County, North Dakota$7,9360.3%98.7%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

** Crop totals are an estimate. In the data received by EWG for 2009-2011, USDA does not differentiate Direct Payments or Counter-Cyclical Payments by crop as in previous years. EWG allocated the region's Direct Payments by crop for the 2009-2011 calendar year using the proportion of that crop's Direct Payments in 2008. Number of recipients receiving Direct Payments for that crop were not estimated. Due to the way Counter Cyclical Payments are made - EWG was not able to allocate Counter Cyclical Payments to crops. Also included in the crop totals are the crop insurance premiums as reported by the USDA Risk Management Agency for that crop. The crop insurance premium is the amount of money that is calculated by USDA to make the program actuarially sound. Crop insurance premium subsidies are available at the county, state and national level.