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Livestock Subsidies in the United States totaled $4.1 billion from 1995-2012.

Congressional Districts in United States Receiving livestock subsidies, 1995-2012
Rank District Livestock Subsidies
Pct of
1At-large District of South Dakota (Rep. Kristi L.Noem)$259,153,2076.4%6.4%
2At-large District of Montana (Rep. Steve Daines)$179,300,4884.4%10.8%
33rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$175,603,1654.3%15.1%
43rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank D.Lucas)$148,485,8693.7%18.8%
5At-large District of North Dakota (Rep. Kevin Cramer)$128,952,5573.2%22.0%
62nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$98,519,1032.4%24.4%
711th District of Texas (Rep. K. MichaelConaway)$92,322,7342.3%26.7%
813th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$86,329,5182.1%28.8%
9At-large District of Wyoming (Rep. Cynthia M.Lummis)$83,422,5452.1%30.8%
1023th District of Texas (Rep. Pete P.Gallego)$81,720,5222.0%32.9%
112nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Stevan Pearce)$80,147,9482.0%34.8%
124th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$76,572,5801.9%36.7%
131st District of Kansas (Rep. Tim Huelskamp)$67,457,5311.7%38.4%
144th District of Colorado (Rep. Cory Gardner)$63,649,9021.6%39.9%
1517th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$54,648,1751.3%41.3%
1619th District of Texas (Rep. Randy Neugebauer)$45,817,8691.1%42.4%
174th District of Texas (Rep. Ralph M.Hall)$45,013,3181.1%43.5%
184th District of Arkansas (Rep. Tom Cotton)$41,712,6351.0%44.6%
194th District of Missouri (Rep. Vicky Hartzler)$40,242,4781.0%45.6%
203rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben RayLuján)$40,116,8151.0%46.5%
2127th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$38,426,6670.9%47.5%
226th District of Missouri (Rep. Sam Graves)$35,744,7910.9%48.4%
231st District of Arkansas (Rep. Eric A. “Rick”Crawford)$34,677,8190.9%49.2%
247th District of Minnesota (Rep. Collin C.Peterson)$32,988,5870.8%50.0%
251st District of Kentucky (Rep. Ed Whitfield)$32,536,3160.8%50.8%
264th District of Iowa (Rep. Steve King)$32,517,1830.8%51.6%
2710th District of Texas (Rep. Michael T.McCaul)$31,281,2630.8%52.4%
283rd District of Arkansas (Rep. Steve Womack)$31,112,2850.8%53.2%
292nd District of Idaho (Rep. Michael K.Simpson)$30,779,0130.8%53.9%
308th District of Missouri (Rep. Office of the Eighth Congres$29,588,5710.7%54.7%
319th District of Georgia (Rep. Doug Collins)$28,590,6330.7%55.4%
323rd District of Colorado (Rep. Scott R.Tipton)$28,530,3610.7%56.1%
3317th District of Florida (Rep. Thomas J.Rooney)$28,394,3600.7%56.8%
3410th District of Georgia (Rep. Paul C.Broun)$27,947,2240.7%57.5%
351st District of Iowa (Rep. Bruce L.Braley)$27,747,0650.7%58.1%
362nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$27,231,1880.7%58.8%
377th District of Missouri (Rep. Billy Long)$25,412,8070.6%59.4%
384th District of Alabama (Rep. Robert B.Aderholt)$24,318,0400.6%60.0%
395th District of Louisiana (Rep. Rodney Alexander)$23,712,5980.6%60.6%
402nd District of Kentucky (Rep. Brett Guthrie)$23,432,5270.6%61.2%
416th District of Tennessee (Rep. Diane Black)$23,306,3560.6%61.8%
422nd District of Oregon (Rep. Greg Walden)$22,631,1370.6%62.3%
433rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$22,378,4820.6%62.9%
442nd District of Kansas (Rep. Lynn Jenkins)$21,747,6860.5%63.4%
457th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri A.Sewell)$21,724,7330.5%64.0%
4625th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$21,373,8540.5%64.5%
473rd District of Louisiana (Rep. Charles W.Boustany)$21,105,3840.5%65.0%
488th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$21,092,9650.5%65.5%
491st District of Nebraska (Rep. Jeff Fortenberry)$21,026,9170.5%66.0%
502nd District of Iowa (Rep. David Loebsack)$20,785,2070.5%66.5%
5121st District of California (Rep. David G.Valadao)$20,217,7700.5%67.0%
525th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$20,133,7920.5%67.5%
5315th District of Texas (Rep. Rubén Hinojosa)$19,959,2010.5%68.0%
542nd District of Hawaii (Rep. Tulsi Gabbard)$19,867,8240.5%68.5%
552nd District of Utah (Rep. Chris Stewart)$19,634,7200.5%69.0%
5628th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$19,562,4870.5%69.5%
571st District of California (Rep. Doug LaMalfa)$18,636,2190.5%69.9%
581st District of Arizona (Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick)$18,169,5120.4%70.4%
5934th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$17,557,0670.4%70.8%
6021st District of Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith)$17,537,6200.4%71.3%
614th District of Louisiana (Rep. John Fleming)$17,136,5870.4%71.7%
621st District of Minnesota (Rep. Timothy J.Walz)$16,778,8820.4%72.1%
638th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$16,755,2270.4%72.5%
644th District of Tennessee (Rep. Scott DesJarlais)$16,728,0620.4%72.9%
6516th District of California (Rep. Jim Costa)$15,866,2690.4%73.3%
662nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford D.Bishop)$15,660,3320.4%73.7%
673rd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Ron Kind)$15,499,6620.4%74.1%
681st District of Utah (Rep. Rob Bishop)$15,493,8720.4%74.5%
697th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Sean P.Duffy)$15,305,9470.4%74.8%
707th District of Tennessee (Rep. Marsha Blackburn)$15,278,3420.4%75.2%
716th District of Kentucky (Rep. Andy Barr)$15,180,3270.4%75.6%
721st District of Mississippi (Rep. Alan Nunnelee)$15,095,7600.4%76.0%
733rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$14,885,7140.4%76.3%
749th District of Virginia (Rep. H. MorganGriffith)$14,626,3570.4%76.7%
751st District of Texas (Rep. Louie Gohmert)$14,299,1940.4%77.0%
765th District of Kentucky (Rep. Harold Rogers)$13,754,9050.3%77.4%
7722nd District of California (Rep. Devin Nunes)$13,651,0800.3%77.7%
784th District of Kansas (Rep. Mike Pompeo)$13,136,6460.3%78.0%
793rd District of Iowa (Rep. Tom Latham)$13,091,0260.3%78.4%
803rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$12,800,3390.3%78.7%
8110th District of California (Rep. Jeff Denham)$12,721,2890.3%79.0%
825th District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Hurt)$12,719,3780.3%79.3%
831st District of Tennessee (Rep. David P.Roe)$12,673,8260.3%79.6%
843rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted S.Yoho)$12,363,0670.3%79.9%
8514th District of Georgia (Rep. Tom Graves)$12,190,3470.3%80.2%
862nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie G.Thompson)$12,189,9760.3%80.5%
872nd District of California (Rep. Jared Huffman)$11,896,5560.3%80.8%
882nd District of Nevada (Rep. Mark E.Amodei)$11,445,6620.3%81.1%
895th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$11,337,2190.3%81.4%
903rd District of Missouri (Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer)$11,218,3700.3%81.6%
9112th District of Georgia (Rep. John Barrow)$10,648,1740.3%81.9%
922nd District of Arkansas (Rep. Tim Griffin)$10,571,9050.3%82.2%
93At-large District of Vermont (Rep. Peter Welch)$10,262,5040.3%82.4%
943rd District of Georgia (Rep. Lynn A.Westmoreland)$10,196,8480.3%82.7%
954th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven M.Palazzo)$9,975,5730.2%82.9%
9615th District of Illinois (Rep. John Shimkus)$9,557,4330.2%83.2%
975th District of Oklahoma (Rep. James Lankford)$9,132,2620.2%83.4%
9814th District of Texas (Rep. Randy K.Weber)$8,937,3450.2%83.6%
9931st District of Texas (Rep. John R.Carter)$8,846,2660.2%83.8%
1008th District of Minnesota (Rep. Richard M.Nolan)$8,615,1340.2%84.0%
1016th District of Virginia (Rep. Bob Goodlatte)$8,571,0300.2%84.2%
1023rd District of California (Rep. John Garamendi)$8,503,4220.2%84.5%
1031st District of Idaho (Rep. Raúl R.Labrador)$8,351,2060.2%84.7%
10421st District of New York (Rep. William L.Owens)$8,285,5930.2%84.9%
10517th District of Illinois (Rep. Cheri Bustos)$8,171,5100.2%85.1%
1065th District of North Carolina (Rep. Virginia Foxx)$8,134,4790.2%85.3%
10736th District of Texas (Rep. Steve Stockman)$7,992,3880.2%85.5%
1084th District of Kentucky (Rep. Thomas Massie)$7,867,5960.2%85.7%
1098th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Reid J.Ribble)$7,639,3230.2%85.8%
11018th District of Illinois (Rep. Aaron Schock)$7,450,9410.2%86.0%
1112nd District of Tennessee (Rep. John J.Duncan)$7,427,2820.2%86.2%
11223th District of California (Rep. Kevin McCarthy)$7,277,1990.2%86.4%
11310th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Tom Marino)$7,141,1050.2%86.6%
1144th District of Washington (Rep. Doc Hastings)$7,061,8520.2%86.7%
11523th District of New York (Rep. Tom Reed)$6,930,7340.2%86.9%
1166th District of Ohio (Rep. Bill Johnson)$6,921,9570.2%87.1%
11711th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mark Meadows)$6,850,6290.2%87.2%
1186th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$6,821,2270.2%87.4%
1193rd District of Tennessee (Rep. Charles J. “Chuck”Fleischman$6,585,6120.2%87.6%
1209th District of California (Rep. Jerry McNerney)$6,371,7040.2%87.7%
1216th District of Indiana (Rep. Luke Messer)$6,261,7020.2%87.9%
1224th District of Michigan (Rep. Dave Camp)$6,255,9170.2%88.0%
1231st District of New Mexico (Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham)$6,246,1650.2%88.2%
1242nd District of Arizona (Rep. Ron Barber)$6,206,8010.2%88.4%
1258th District of Tennessee (Rep. Stephen LeeFincher)$6,204,4250.2%88.5%
1261st District of Louisiana (Rep. Steve Scalise)$5,951,0720.1%88.7%
12724th District of California (Rep. Lois Capps)$5,929,2460.1%88.8%
12822nd District of New York (Rep. Richard L.Hanna)$5,922,0430.1%88.9%
1298th District of Indiana (Rep. Larry Bucshon)$5,922,0200.1%89.1%
13019th District of New York (Rep. Christopher P.Gibson)$5,536,7990.1%89.2%
13110th District of North Carolina (Rep. Patrick T.McHenry)$5,435,3480.1%89.4%
1321st District of Alabama (Rep. Jo Bonner)$5,377,5840.1%89.5%
1336th District of Louisiana (Rep. Bill Cassidy)$5,360,8660.1%89.6%
13411th District of Florida (Rep. Richard B.Nugent)$5,305,5550.1%89.8%
1355th District of South Carolina (Rep. Mick Mulvaney)$5,287,3730.1%89.9%
1362nd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Mark Pocan)$5,275,8770.1%90.0%
1375th District of Washington (Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers)$5,219,9770.1%90.1%
1386th District of Minnesota (Rep. Michele Bachmann)$5,172,2250.1%90.3%
13927th District of New York (Rep. Chris Collins)$5,147,6770.1%90.4%
1403rd District of Utah (Rep. Jason Chaffetz)$5,127,3770.1%90.5%
1419th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Bill Shuster)$5,111,9720.1%90.6%
1426th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Thomas E.Petri)$5,088,9290.1%90.8%
1432nd District of Florida (Rep. Steve Southerland)$5,017,3370.1%90.9%
1446th District of Alabama (Rep. Spencer Bachus)$4,990,3520.1%91.0%
1452nd District of Minnesota (Rep. John Kline)$4,861,9010.1%91.1%
1469th District of Indiana (Rep. Todd C.Young)$4,589,6110.1%91.3%
1476th District of North Carolina (Rep. Howard Coble)$4,497,5640.1%91.4%
1482nd District of West Virginia (Rep. Shelley MooreCapito)$4,356,4940.1%91.5%
1499th District of Florida (Rep. Alan Grayson)$4,301,2400.1%91.6%
1502nd District of North Carolina (Rep. Renee L.Ellmers)$4,266,3760.1%91.7%
1511st District of Michigan (Rep. Dan Benishek)$4,260,4270.1%91.8%
15216th District of Illinois (Rep. Adam Kinzinger)$4,035,1360.1%91.9%
1534th District of California (Rep. Tom McClintock)$3,936,4360.1%92.0%
1547th District of Ohio (Rep. Bob Gibbs)$3,927,1720.1%92.1%
1554th District of Utah (Rep. Jim Matheson)$3,918,6750.1%92.2%
1564th District of Oregon (Rep. Peter A.DeFazio)$3,856,5060.1%92.3%
1578th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$3,834,5140.1%92.4%
1581st District of Oklahoma (Rep. Jim Bridenstine)$3,797,0940.1%92.5%
15922nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$3,789,7220.1%92.6%
1603rd District of West Virginia (Rep. Nick J.Rahall)$3,702,6420.1%92.6%
16110th District of Michigan (Rep. Candice S.Miller)$3,528,1660.1%92.7%
1627th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mike McIntyre)$3,489,8310.1%92.8%
1634th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul A.Gosar)$3,452,9640.1%92.9%
1642nd District of Ohio (Rep. Brad R.Wenstrup)$3,427,3860.1%93.0%
16535th District of California (Rep. Gloria Negrete McLeod)$3,362,9260.1%93.1%
16620th District of California (Rep. Sam Farr)$3,358,2500.1%93.2%
1678th District of Ohio (Rep. John A.Boehner)$3,357,0500.1%93.2%
1684th District of Ohio (Rep. Jim Jordan)$3,345,8940.1%93.3%
1691st District of Florida (Rep. Jeff Miller)$3,325,6730.1%93.4%
1702nd District of Indiana (Rep. Jackie Walorski)$3,254,4800.1%93.5%
1713rd District of Indiana (Rep. Marlin A.Stutzman)$3,224,7030.1%93.6%
17212th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$3,197,8170.1%93.6%
17318th District of Florida (Rep. Patrick Murphy)$3,183,6250.1%93.7%
1745th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Glenn Thompson)$3,183,1580.1%93.8%
1755th District of Missouri (Rep. Emanuel Cleaver)$3,118,8650.1%93.9%
1761st District of West Virginia (Rep. David B.McKinley)$3,093,4890.1%93.9%
1777th District of Virginia (Rep. Eric Cantor)$3,072,0450.1%94.0%
17815th District of Ohio (Rep. Steve Stivers)$3,030,8700.1%94.1%
1795th District of Ohio (Rep. Robert E.Latta)$3,022,4650.1%94.2%
18013th District of Illinois (Rep. Rodney Davis)$2,948,2850.1%94.2%
18125th District of Florida (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart)$2,941,9260.1%94.3%
1824th District of Indiana (Rep. Todd Rokita)$2,929,0880.1%94.4%
1833rd District of Washington (Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler)$2,843,6390.1%94.5%
18412th District of Illinois (Rep. William L.Enyart)$2,816,4160.1%94.5%
1853rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raúl M.Grijalva)$2,741,1170.1%94.6%
18611th District of Georgia (Rep. Phil Gingrey)$2,617,1300.1%94.7%
1871st District of North Carolina (Rep. G. K.Butterfield)$2,517,4520.1%94.7%
1887th District of Michigan (Rep. Tim Walberg)$2,457,3600.1%94.8%
18924th District of New York (Rep. Daniel B.Maffei)$2,433,4610.1%94.8%
1907th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tom Rice)$2,370,1540.1%94.9%
1915th District of Colorado (Rep. Doug Lamborn)$2,316,8870.1%95.0%
1921st District of Georgia (Rep. Jack Kingston)$2,253,1680.1%95.0%
1931st District of Washington (Rep. Suzan K.DelBene)$2,203,1930.1%95.1%
19412th District of Florida (Rep. Gus M.Bilirakis)$2,158,9170.1%95.1%
1954th District of Nevada (Rep. Steven A.Horsford)$2,145,4090.1%95.2%
1963rd District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Mike Kelly)$2,144,7500.1%95.2%
1976th District of South Carolina (Rep. James E.Clyburn)$2,140,8670.1%95.3%
1983rd District of Michigan (Rep. Justin Amash)$2,137,4310.1%95.3%
19935th District of Texas (Rep. Lloyd Doggett)$2,098,1530.1%95.4%
2005th District of California (Rep. Mike Thompson)$2,078,7730.1%95.4%
2012nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$2,047,7610.1%95.5%
20226th District of Texas (Rep. Michael C.Burgess)$1,982,6660.0%95.5%
2038th District of Florida (Rep. Bill Posey)$1,868,6890.0%95.6%
2046th District of Michigan (Rep. Fred Upton)$1,839,7640.0%95.6%
20516th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Joseph R.Pitts)$1,811,5620.0%95.7%
20611th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Lou Barletta)$1,794,5850.0%95.7%
20715th District of Florida (Rep. Dennis A.Ross)$1,780,0870.0%95.8%
2088th District of Maryland (Rep. Chris Van Hollen)$1,753,1480.0%95.8%
20912th District of Ohio (Rep. Patrick J.Tiberi)$1,740,2850.0%95.8%
2104th District of Virginia (Rep. J. RandyForbes)$1,708,1030.0%95.9%
2111st District of Maryland (Rep. Andy Harris)$1,702,3380.0%95.9%
2122nd District of Michigan (Rep. Bill Huizenga)$1,624,0970.0%96.0%
2132nd District of Colorado (Rep. Jared Polis)$1,500,9280.0%96.0%
21418th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Tim Murphy)$1,484,3490.0%96.0%
2152nd District of Maine (Rep. Michael H.Michaud)$1,458,8450.0%96.1%
2161st District of Wisconsin (Rep. Paul Ryan)$1,394,7130.0%96.1%
21710th District of Florida (Rep. Daniel Webster)$1,391,5210.0%96.1%
2188th District of California (Rep. Paul Cook)$1,377,9900.0%96.2%
21916th District of Ohio (Rep. James B.Renacci)$1,367,8270.0%96.2%
2204th District of South Carolina (Rep. Trey Gowdy)$1,312,9290.0%96.2%
22142nd District of California (Rep. Ken Calvert)$1,307,0970.0%96.3%
2226th District of Maryland (Rep. John K.Delaney)$1,169,6670.0%96.3%
2235th District of Oregon (Rep. Kurt Schrader)$1,144,7990.0%96.3%
22412th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Keith J.Rothfus)$1,144,4370.0%96.4%
22515th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Charles W.Dent)$1,139,2740.0%96.4%
2262nd District of Louisiana (Rep. Cedric L.Richmond)$1,077,0090.0%96.4%
2278th District of Washington (Rep. David G.Reichert)$1,062,2410.0%96.4%
2286th District of Florida (Rep. Ron DeSantis)$1,060,6650.0%96.5%
2299th District of North Carolina (Rep. Robert Pittenger)$1,055,8960.0%96.5%
2305th District of Tennessee (Rep. Jim Cooper)$1,052,8900.0%96.5%
2314th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Scott Perry)$1,048,1290.0%96.6%
23213th District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$1,035,8610.0%96.6%
23316th District of Texas (Rep. Beto O’Rourke)$1,034,1040.0%96.6%
2341st District of Virginia (Rep. Robert J.Wittman)$952,5630.0%96.6%
23520th District of Florida (Rep. Alcee L.Hastings)$938,6880.0%96.6%
23610th District of Virginia (Rep. Frank R.Wolf)$938,5590.0%96.7%
23726th District of California (Rep. Julia Brownley)$904,4520.0%96.7%
2387th District of California (Rep. Ami Bera)$902,5350.0%96.7%
2395th District of Michigan (Rep. Daniel T.Kildee)$876,1080.0%96.7%
2402nd District of New Hampshire (Rep. Ann M.Kuster)$841,3590.0%96.8%
2415th District of Indiana (Rep. Susan W.Brooks)$840,7350.0%96.8%
2422nd District of Washington (Rep. Rick Larsen)$830,0760.0%96.8%
2432nd District of Connecticut (Rep. Joe Courtney)$815,5220.0%96.8%
2446th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Jim Gerlach)$810,4830.0%96.8%
2453rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter B.Jones)$797,7380.0%96.9%
24618th District of New York (Rep. Sean PatrickMaloney)$797,5800.0%96.9%
24715th District of California (Rep. Eric Swalwell)$797,1890.0%96.9%
2484th District of Florida (Rep. Ander Crenshaw)$795,8090.0%96.9%
24951st District of California (Rep. Juan Vargas)$772,9700.0%96.9%
25020th District of New York (Rep. Paul Tonko)$771,9660.0%97.0%
25136th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$755,8960.0%97.0%
2523rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$733,2670.0%97.0%
2535th District of Arizona (Rep. Matt Salmon)$722,5580.0%97.0%
2546th District of Massachusetts (Rep. John F.Tierney)$686,8470.0%97.0%
25514th District of Illinois (Rep. Randy Hultgren)$686,6090.0%97.0%
2567th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Patrick Meehan)$685,0960.0%97.1%
25750th District of California (Rep. Duncan Hunter)$671,4590.0%97.1%
2585th District of Florida (Rep. Corrine Brown)$671,3620.0%97.1%
25914th District of Ohio (Rep. David P.Joyce)$649,8180.0%97.1%
2603rd District of Kansas (Rep. Kevin Yoder)$592,3890.0%97.1%
2611st District of Massachusetts (Rep. Richard E.Neal)$565,2500.0%97.1%
26219th District of California (Rep. Zoe Lofgren)$542,5080.0%97.2%
2632nd District of Massachusetts (Rep. James P.McGovern)$537,8280.0%97.2%
2648th District of Michigan (Rep. Mike Rogers)$515,3800.0%97.2%
265At-large District of Delaware (Rep. John C.Carney)$508,8860.0%97.2%
26610th District of Ohio (Rep. Michael R.Turner)$499,0120.0%97.2%
2674th District of North Carolina (Rep. David E.Price)$493,6700.0%97.2%
26817th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Matt Cartwright)$490,6700.0%97.2%
26913th District of Georgia (Rep. David Scott)$479,6220.0%97.2%
2702nd District of Nebraska (Rep. Lee Terry)$475,5620.0%97.3%
27116th District of Florida (Rep. Vern Buchanan)$439,4340.0%97.3%
2722nd District of New Jersey (Rep. Frank A.LoBiondo)$418,7140.0%97.3%
27311th District of California (Rep. George Miller)$374,5670.0%97.3%
2748th District of Arizona (Rep. Trent Franks)$365,0260.0%97.3%
27512th District of North Carolina (Rep. Melvin L.Watt)$357,0040.0%97.3%
2767th District of Arizona (Rep. Ed Pastor)$341,2200.0%97.3%
2771st District of Maine (Rep. Chellie Pingree)$321,2960.0%97.3%
2781st District of Indiana (Rep. Peter J.Visclosky)$319,1170.0%97.3%
279At-large District of Alaska (Rep. Don Young)$305,3300.0%97.3%
2804th District of Georgia (Rep. Henry C. “Hank”Johnson)$303,7220.0%97.3%
2815th District of Wisconsin (Rep. F. JamesSensenbrenner)$300,6010.0%97.3%
2825th District of Connecticut (Rep. Elizabeth H.Esty)$296,8320.0%97.4%
2839th District of Arizona (Rep. Kyrsten Sinema)$273,4340.0%97.4%
2847th District of Georgia (Rep. Rob Woodall)$272,1510.0%97.4%
2857th District of Maryland (Rep. Elijah E.Cummings)$263,4440.0%97.4%
2867th District of Florida (Rep. John L.Mica)$260,4590.0%97.4%
2876th District of Washington (Rep. Derek Kilmer)$259,6360.0%97.4%
28820th District of Texas (Rep. Joaquin Castro)$247,3610.0%97.4%
2899th District of Massachusetts (Rep. William R.Keating)$245,6140.0%97.4%
2907th District of New Jersey (Rep. Leonard Lance)$239,8390.0%97.4%
29119th District of Florida (Rep. Trey Radel)$233,1900.0%97.4%
2925th District of New Jersey (Rep. Scott Garrett)$207,4940.0%97.4%
2933rd District of Minnesota (Rep. Erik Paulsen)$199,0410.0%97.4%
2942nd District of Illinois (Rep. Office of the Second Congres$195,9690.0%97.4%
29525th District of California (Rep. Howard P. “Buck”McKeon)$192,9050.0%97.4%
2961st District of Ohio (Rep. Steve Chabot)$190,2350.0%97.4%
2973rd District of Massachusetts (Rep. Niki Tsongas)$182,7210.0%97.4%
29814th District of Florida (Rep. Kathy Castor)$179,0680.0%97.4%
2991st District of Hawaii (Rep. Colleen W.Hanabusa)$174,1290.0%97.4%
30025th District of New York (Rep. Louise McIntoshSlaughter)$162,8210.0%97.5%
30113th District of Ohio (Rep. Tim Ryan)$157,9410.0%97.5%
30241st District of California (Rep. Mark Takano)$157,8970.0%97.5%
3032nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$156,6850.0%97.5%
30430th District of Texas (Rep. Eddie BerniceJohnson)$153,8330.0%97.5%
3055th District of Maryland (Rep. Steny H.Hoyer)$147,0960.0%97.5%
3061st District of New Hampshire (Rep. Carol Shea-Porter)$145,0910.0%97.5%
3078th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Michael G.Fitzpatrick)$145,0200.0%97.5%
3086th District of Arizona (Rep. David Schweikert)$140,3180.0%97.5%
3093rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert C. “Bobby”Scott)$121,0740.0%97.5%
31032nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Sessions)$120,9550.0%97.5%
31110th District of Washington (Rep. Denny Heck)$120,8140.0%97.5%
3124th District of Massachusetts (Rep. Joseph P.Kennedy)$116,8530.0%97.5%
3136th District of Colorado (Rep. Mike Coffman)$92,5630.0%97.5%
3143rd District of New Jersey (Rep. Jon Runyan)$87,0670.0%97.5%
31531st District of California (Rep. Gary G.Miller)$84,7210.0%97.5%
3167th District of Colorado (Rep. Ed Perlmutter)$75,9850.0%97.5%
3173rd District of Kentucky (Rep. John A.Yarmuth)$64,8140.0%97.5%
3181st District of Oregon (Rep. Suzanne Bonamici)$61,9450.0%97.5%
31933th District of California (Rep. Henry A.Waxman)$60,3500.0%97.5%
3201st District of Rhode Island (Rep. David N.Cicilline)$59,8630.0%97.5%
3216th District of California (Rep. Doris O.Matsui)$59,0730.0%97.5%
3223rd District of Maryland (Rep. John P.Sarbanes)$57,1360.0%97.5%
3237th District of Texas (Rep. John AbneyCulberson)$56,9950.0%97.5%
3242nd District of Rhode Island (Rep. James R.Langevin)$54,1310.0%97.5%
32538th District of California (Rep. Linda T.Sánchez)$48,7760.0%97.5%
3263rd District of Connecticut (Rep. Rosa L.DeLauro)$47,9900.0%97.5%
3279th District of Ohio (Rep. Marcy Kaptur)$45,2280.0%97.5%
32824th District of Texas (Rep. Kenny Marchant)$43,7950.0%97.5%
32917th District of California (Rep. Michael M.Honda)$42,8070.0%97.5%
3301st District of South Carolina (Rep. Office of the First Co$41,8190.0%97.5%
3311st District of Connecticut (Rep. John B.Larson)$41,0730.0%97.5%
33218th District of California (Rep. Anna G.Eshoo)$39,4750.0%97.5%
33347th District of California (Rep. Alan S.Lowenthal)$34,6440.0%97.5%
33439th District of California (Rep. Edward R.Royce)$34,3750.0%97.5%
3354th District of Minnesota (Rep. Betty McCollum)$33,6830.0%97.5%
3362nd District of Virginia (Rep. E. ScottRigell)$32,9170.0%97.5%
33727th District of California (Rep. Judy Chu)$32,4900.0%97.5%
3381st District of New Jersey (Rep. Robert E.Andrews)$29,9600.0%97.5%
3398th District of Massachusetts (Rep. Stephen F.Lynch)$26,9420.0%97.5%
3409th District of Tennessee (Rep. Steve Cohen)$26,7400.0%97.5%
3411st District of Illinois (Rep. Bobby L.Rush)$25,6710.0%97.5%
3422nd District of Missouri (Rep. Ann Wagner)$25,5220.0%97.5%
3433rd District of Oregon (Rep. Earl Blumenauer)$24,5540.0%97.5%
34423th District of Florida (Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz)$24,4990.0%97.5%
34553th District of California (Rep. Susan A.Davis)$24,1200.0%97.5%
3463rd District of Ohio (Rep. Joyce Beatty)$23,5760.0%97.5%
3479th District of Texas (Rep. Al Green)$23,4680.0%97.5%
34818th District of Texas (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee)$23,4190.0%97.5%
3496th District of Georgia (Rep. Tom Price)$17,5380.0%97.5%
35049th District of California (Rep. Darrell E.Issa)$14,5900.0%97.5%
3514th District of New Jersey (Rep. Christopher H.Smith)$12,6900.0%97.5%
3528th District of Illinois (Rep. Tammy Duckworth)$12,0560.0%97.5%
35321st District of Florida (Rep. Theodore E.Deutch)$11,9210.0%97.5%
35428th District of California (Rep. Adam B.Schiff)$11,7960.0%97.5%
35529th District of Texas (Rep. Gene Green)$10,7430.0%97.5%
3566th District of Illinois (Rep. Peter J.Roskam)$10,5720.0%97.5%
3577th District of Indiana (Rep. André Carson)$9,7490.0%97.5%
35812th District of Michigan (Rep. John D.Dingell)$7,5960.0%97.5%
35912th District of New Jersey (Rep. Rush Holt)$6,2060.0%97.5%
36033th District of Texas (Rep. Marc A.Veasey)$4,9560.0%97.5%
36110th District of Illinois (Rep. Bradley S.Schneider)$4,7770.0%97.5%
3625th District of Massachusetts (Rep. Edward J.Markey)$4,7330.0%97.5%
3631st District of New York (Rep. Timothy H.Bishop)$4,6680.0%97.5%
36411th District of Illinois (Rep. Bill Foster)$4,6320.0%97.5%
36513th District of California (Rep. Barbara Lee)$4,1490.0%97.5%
36611th District of New Jersey (Rep. Rodney P.Frelinghuysen)$3,3240.0%97.5%
3672nd District of Maryland (Rep. C. A. DutchRuppersberger)$3,2260.0%97.5%
3681st District of Nevada (Rep. Dina Titus)$3,0510.0%97.5%
36952nd District of California (Rep. Scott H.Peters)$2,9690.0%97.5%
37011th District of Ohio (Rep. Marcia L.Fudge)$2,6700.0%97.5%
3714th District of Connecticut (Rep. James A.Himes)$2,2840.0%97.5%
37243th District of California (Rep. Maxine Waters)$1,9640.0%97.5%
37314th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Michael F.Doyle)$1,6860.0%97.5%
3744th District of Maryland (Rep. Donna F.Edwards)$1,5030.0%97.5%
3751st District of Colorado (Rep. Diana DeGette)$1,2280.0%97.5%
37617th District of New York (Rep. Nita M.Lowey)$8910.0%97.5%
37711th District of Michigan (Rep. Kerry L.Bentivolio)$8360.0%97.5%
3786th District of New Jersey (Rep. Frank Pallone)$7880.0%97.5%
3793rd District of Illinois (Rep. Daniel Lipinski)$4860.0%97.5%
38026th District of New York (Rep. Brian Higgins)$2230.0%97.5%
3811st District of Missouri (Rep. Wm. LacyClay)$830.0%97.5%
3828th District of Virginia (Rep. James P.Moran)$540.0%97.5%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.