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Peanut Subsidies in the United States totaled $3.6 billion from 1995-2012.

Congressional Districts in United States Receiving peanut subsidies, 1995-2012
Rank District Peanut Subsidies
Pct of
12nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford D.Bishop)$684,129,90518.9%18.9%
28th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$374,206,02310.3%29.2%
32nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$357,319,5429.9%39.1%
419th District of Texas (Rep. Randy Neugebauer)$272,354,0007.5%46.6%
51st District of North Carolina (Rep. G. K.Butterfield)$233,641,8806.5%53.1%
64th District of Virginia (Rep. J. RandyForbes)$172,486,5514.8%57.8%
712th District of Georgia (Rep. John Barrow)$142,689,3913.9%61.8%
811th District of Texas (Rep. K. MichaelConaway)$130,842,3593.6%65.4%
93rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank D.Lucas)$115,994,8753.2%68.6%
1013th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$100,300,4792.8%71.4%
112nd District of Florida (Rep. Steve Southerland)$67,197,8271.9%73.2%
1223th District of Texas (Rep. Pete P.Gallego)$49,399,4831.4%74.6%
133rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter B.Jones)$44,003,0731.2%75.8%
143rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted S.Yoho)$42,966,6851.2%77.0%
151st District of Florida (Rep. Jeff Miller)$37,143,4101.0%78.0%
1628th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$37,119,5461.0%79.0%
174th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$29,444,5120.8%79.8%
182nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$25,248,3170.7%80.5%
192nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Stevan Pearce)$22,941,5980.6%81.2%
201st District of Alabama (Rep. Jo Bonner)$20,467,1520.6%81.7%
213rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert C. “Bobby”Scott)$19,412,5770.5%82.3%
227th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mike McIntyre)$11,805,4490.3%82.6%
235th District of South Carolina (Rep. Mick Mulvaney)$8,817,5380.2%82.9%
243rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben RayLuján)$8,047,7450.2%83.1%
2511th District of Florida (Rep. Richard B.Nugent)$7,796,9470.2%83.3%
2610th District of Texas (Rep. Michael T.McCaul)$7,738,7880.2%83.5%
2710th District of Georgia (Rep. Paul C.Broun)$7,473,6030.2%83.7%
284th District of Texas (Rep. Ralph M.Hall)$7,067,2130.2%83.9%
294th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven M.Palazzo)$6,894,8970.2%84.1%
3013th District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$6,844,1560.2%84.3%
312nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$6,453,0970.2%84.5%
326th District of South Carolina (Rep. James E.Clyburn)$6,131,9110.2%84.6%
333rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$5,515,8680.2%84.8%
341st District of Arkansas (Rep. Eric A. “Rick”Crawford)$4,083,9470.1%84.9%
351st District of Georgia (Rep. Jack Kingston)$3,277,7110.1%85.0%
3615th District of Texas (Rep. Rubén Hinojosa)$3,005,4690.1%85.1%
375th District of Louisiana (Rep. Rodney Alexander)$2,921,5750.1%85.1%
387th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri A.Sewell)$2,899,8230.1%85.2%
3925th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$2,593,0520.1%85.3%
403rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$1,858,4140.1%85.4%
417th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tom Rice)$1,797,4350.0%85.4%
425th District of Oklahoma (Rep. James Lankford)$1,789,2750.0%85.5%
432nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie G.Thompson)$1,696,9900.0%85.5%
444th District of Arkansas (Rep. Tom Cotton)$1,307,1670.0%85.5%
4526th District of Texas (Rep. Michael C.Burgess)$1,283,7390.0%85.6%
4634th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$1,167,7070.0%85.6%
4712th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$1,088,5810.0%85.6%
4817th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$1,046,3550.0%85.7%
498th District of Tennessee (Rep. Stephen LeeFincher)$1,010,1630.0%85.7%
508th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$942,3730.0%85.7%
514th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul A.Gosar)$877,4090.0%85.7%
5221st District of Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith)$534,3750.0%85.8%
535th District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Hurt)$462,2810.0%85.8%
548th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$414,7300.0%85.8%
555th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$394,2620.0%85.8%
562nd District of Virginia (Rep. E. ScottRigell)$357,9970.0%85.8%
576th District of Alabama (Rep. Spencer Bachus)$349,5970.0%85.8%
588th District of Missouri (Rep. Office of the Eighth Congres$328,5200.0%85.8%
592nd District of Arizona (Rep. Ron Barber)$248,7070.0%85.8%
605th District of Florida (Rep. Corrine Brown)$151,3140.0%85.8%
616th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$116,1980.0%85.8%
6217th District of Florida (Rep. Thomas J.Rooney)$94,9340.0%85.8%
6331st District of Texas (Rep. John R.Carter)$88,2730.0%85.8%
647th District of Texas (Rep. John AbneyCulberson)$82,7130.0%85.8%
652nd District of North Carolina (Rep. Renee L.Ellmers)$73,9640.0%85.8%
6622nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$68,8960.0%85.8%
6736th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$66,7230.0%85.8%
6835th District of Texas (Rep. Lloyd Doggett)$46,0470.0%85.8%
693rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$39,1150.0%85.8%
701st District of Oklahoma (Rep. Jim Bridenstine)$38,3580.0%85.8%
7127th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$37,8500.0%85.8%
724th District of Georgia (Rep. Henry C. “Hank”Johnson)$32,8030.0%85.9%
733rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$19,2030.0%85.9%
741st District of Mississippi (Rep. Alan Nunnelee)$14,9310.0%85.9%
753rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raúl M.Grijalva)$12,6420.0%85.9%
761st District of Kansas (Rep. Tim Huelskamp)$11,3170.0%85.9%
7718th District of Texas (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee)$10,3000.0%85.9%
782nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$9,8160.0%85.9%
793rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$9,4440.0%85.9%
8010th District of Florida (Rep. Daniel Webster)$7,6280.0%85.9%
811st District of Texas (Rep. Louie Gohmert)$7,4220.0%85.9%
823rd District of Georgia (Rep. Lynn A.Westmoreland)$7,1240.0%85.9%
8314th District of Texas (Rep. Randy K.Weber)$5,1500.0%85.9%
8420th District of Texas (Rep. Joaquin Castro)$3,4250.0%85.9%
8525th District of Florida (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart)$2,2370.0%85.9%
867th District of Virginia (Rep. Eric Cantor)$8770.0%85.9%
874th District of North Carolina (Rep. David E.Price)$8700.0%85.9%
881st District of South Carolina (Rep. Office of the First Co$8000.0%85.9%
8936th District of Texas (Rep. Steve Stockman)$6800.0%85.9%
9021st District of California (Rep. David G.Valadao)$1840.0%85.9%
915th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$550.0%85.9%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.