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Sorghum Subsidies** in the United States totaled $246 million in 2010

Congressional Districts in United States Receiving sorghum subsidies**, 2010
Rank District Sorghum Subsidies**
Pct of
11st District of Kansas (Rep. Tim Huelskamp)$45,388,59518.4%18.4%
23rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$14,724,9826.0%24.4%
313th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$14,128,2375.7%30.1%
42nd District of Kansas (Rep. Lynn Jenkins)$10,788,8674.4%34.5%
527th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$8,350,1713.4%37.9%
64th District of Kansas (Rep. Mike Pompeo)$6,259,9332.5%40.4%
71st District of Nebraska (Rep. Jeff Fortenberry)$6,074,9882.5%42.9%
819th District of Texas (Rep. Randy Neugebauer)$5,161,2432.1%45.0%
934th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$4,172,6211.7%46.7%
104th District of Missouri (Rep. Vicky Hartzler)$3,856,3021.6%48.3%
111st District of Arkansas (Rep. Eric A. “Rick”Crawford)$3,679,0891.5%49.8%
128th District of Missouri (Rep. Office of the Eighth Congres$3,482,2011.4%51.2%
136th District of Missouri (Rep. Sam Graves)$2,953,2541.2%52.4%
14At-large District of South Dakota (Rep. Kristi L.Noem)$2,679,5541.1%53.5%
154th District of Colorado (Rep. Cory Gardner)$2,518,4341.0%54.5%
163rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank D.Lucas)$2,262,5000.9%55.4%
173rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben RayLuján)$2,140,3150.9%56.3%
1815th District of Texas (Rep. Rubén Hinojosa)$1,732,4560.7%57.0%
1931st District of Texas (Rep. John R.Carter)$1,678,2040.7%57.7%
205th District of Louisiana (Rep. Rodney Alexander)$1,526,1900.6%58.3%
2117th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$1,481,4180.6%58.9%
2211th District of Texas (Rep. K. MichaelConaway)$1,479,3050.6%59.5%
234th District of Texas (Rep. Ralph M.Hall)$1,471,4350.6%60.1%
2415th District of Illinois (Rep. John Shimkus)$1,132,7540.5%60.5%
2525th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$1,112,6290.5%61.0%
262nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Stevan Pearce)$1,081,6160.4%61.4%
272nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie G.Thompson)$1,065,3170.4%61.9%
2823th District of Texas (Rep. Pete P.Gallego)$1,016,5030.4%62.3%
2912th District of Illinois (Rep. William L.Enyart)$763,9970.3%62.6%
3028th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$688,6330.3%62.9%
318th District of Tennessee (Rep. Stephen LeeFincher)$609,9140.2%63.1%
322nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$579,7590.2%63.3%
333rd District of Missouri (Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer)$577,3640.2%63.6%
3422nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$535,3510.2%63.8%
354th District of Arkansas (Rep. Tom Cotton)$515,5200.2%64.0%
361st District of Mississippi (Rep. Alan Nunnelee)$493,5360.2%64.2%
376th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$449,1740.2%64.4%
3810th District of Texas (Rep. Michael T.McCaul)$423,6010.2%64.6%
397th District of Missouri (Rep. Billy Long)$362,6390.1%64.7%
401st District of Kentucky (Rep. Ed Whitfield)$327,2470.1%64.8%
413rd District of Louisiana (Rep. Charles W.Boustany)$303,0930.1%65.0%
424th District of Louisiana (Rep. John Fleming)$292,4640.1%65.1%
4336th District of Texas (Rep. Steve Stockman)$260,5790.1%65.2%
447th District of Tennessee (Rep. Marsha Blackburn)$259,1670.1%65.3%
452nd District of Arkansas (Rep. Tim Griffin)$241,0480.1%65.4%
462nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford D.Bishop)$227,7400.1%65.5%
4735th District of Texas (Rep. Lloyd Doggett)$219,8960.1%65.6%
4814th District of Texas (Rep. Randy K.Weber)$182,2280.1%65.6%
4926th District of Texas (Rep. Michael C.Burgess)$165,0410.1%65.7%
505th District of Missouri (Rep. Emanuel Cleaver)$162,6880.1%65.8%
514th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$161,3860.1%65.8%
522nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$155,9360.1%65.9%
5313th District of Illinois (Rep. Rodney Davis)$151,5410.1%66.0%
548th District of Indiana (Rep. Larry Bucshon)$131,4670.1%66.0%
5521st District of Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith)$123,1430.0%66.1%
567th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri A.Sewell)$113,9870.0%66.1%
573rd District of Kansas (Rep. Kevin Yoder)$113,7330.0%66.2%
583rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$112,6940.0%66.2%
591st District of Maryland (Rep. Andy Harris)$104,6000.0%66.3%
608th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$100,2250.0%66.3%
615th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$94,1340.0%66.3%
622nd District of Arizona (Rep. Ron Barber)$76,5160.0%66.4%
635th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$73,9470.0%66.4%
643rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$69,0390.0%66.4%
6510th District of Georgia (Rep. Paul C.Broun)$66,6980.0%66.4%
664th District of Alabama (Rep. Robert B.Aderholt)$65,6300.0%66.5%
6712th District of Georgia (Rep. John Barrow)$64,2540.0%66.5%
683rd District of California (Rep. John Garamendi)$63,9870.0%66.5%
691st District of Arizona (Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick)$60,1630.0%66.6%
701st District of Oklahoma (Rep. Jim Bridenstine)$57,9840.0%66.6%
713rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter B.Jones)$51,7980.0%66.6%
7218th District of Illinois (Rep. Aaron Schock)$47,0450.0%66.6%
73At-large District of North Dakota (Rep. Kevin Cramer)$44,8860.0%66.6%
745th District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Hurt)$43,9910.0%66.7%
753rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$43,7010.0%66.7%
768th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$42,5810.0%66.7%
771st District of North Carolina (Rep. G. K.Butterfield)$40,1870.0%66.7%
788th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$38,9540.0%66.7%
794th District of Tennessee (Rep. Scott DesJarlais)$36,3170.0%66.7%
802nd District of Florida (Rep. Steve Southerland)$34,9490.0%66.7%
813rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted S.Yoho)$34,8620.0%66.8%
823rd District of Iowa (Rep. Tom Latham)$33,9580.0%66.8%
833rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$32,6560.0%66.8%
849th District of Georgia (Rep. Doug Collins)$32,4470.0%66.8%
854th District of Virginia (Rep. J. RandyForbes)$31,2940.0%66.8%
8621st District of California (Rep. David G.Valadao)$29,6370.0%66.8%
872nd District of Kentucky (Rep. Brett Guthrie)$27,3720.0%66.8%
882nd District of Iowa (Rep. David Loebsack)$26,1880.0%66.8%
895th District of Oklahoma (Rep. James Lankford)$25,5430.0%66.9%
905th District of South Carolina (Rep. Mick Mulvaney)$23,4430.0%66.9%
916th District of North Carolina (Rep. Howard Coble)$22,8830.0%66.9%
923rd District of Arkansas (Rep. Steve Womack)$22,5160.0%66.9%
937th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mike McIntyre)$22,0360.0%66.9%
9416th District of California (Rep. Jim Costa)$21,4020.0%66.9%
95At-large District of Delaware (Rep. John C.Carney)$21,2440.0%66.9%
962nd District of Nebraska (Rep. Lee Terry)$20,5020.0%66.9%
975th District of Colorado (Rep. Doug Lamborn)$20,2830.0%66.9%
9830th District of Texas (Rep. Eddie BerniceJohnson)$20,1450.0%66.9%
996th District of Louisiana (Rep. Bill Cassidy)$19,6360.0%66.9%
1001st District of Virginia (Rep. Robert J.Wittman)$19,1390.0%67.0%
10110th District of North Carolina (Rep. Patrick T.McHenry)$18,7010.0%67.0%
1026th District of Tennessee (Rep. Diane Black)$18,5450.0%67.0%
1036th District of South Carolina (Rep. James E.Clyburn)$18,3640.0%67.0%
1043rd District of Georgia (Rep. Lynn A.Westmoreland)$18,0330.0%67.0%
1057th District of Virginia (Rep. Eric Cantor)$17,9730.0%67.0%
1063rd District of Tennessee (Rep. Charles J. “Chuck”Fleischman$16,2770.0%67.0%
1073rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raúl M.Grijalva)$16,1710.0%67.0%
10813th District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$15,9750.0%67.0%
1094th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul A.Gosar)$15,6270.0%67.0%
1101st District of California (Rep. Doug LaMalfa)$15,3370.0%67.0%
1113rd District of Colorado (Rep. Scott R.Tipton)$14,9000.0%67.0%
1127th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tom Rice)$13,8260.0%67.0%
11312th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$13,6950.0%67.0%
1142nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$12,5170.0%67.0%
11517th District of Illinois (Rep. Cheri Bustos)$12,4380.0%67.0%
1161st District of Alabama (Rep. Jo Bonner)$12,3170.0%67.1%
1173rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert C. “Bobby”Scott)$12,1110.0%67.1%
11814th District of Georgia (Rep. Tom Graves)$11,8800.0%67.1%
1192nd District of New Jersey (Rep. Frank A.LoBiondo)$11,8270.0%67.1%
1204th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven M.Palazzo)$11,7220.0%67.1%
12124th District of Texas (Rep. Kenny Marchant)$11,7100.0%67.1%
1224th District of Iowa (Rep. Steve King)$10,9370.0%67.1%
123At-large District of Montana (Rep. Steve Daines)$10,7350.0%67.1%
1242nd District of North Carolina (Rep. Renee L.Ellmers)$10,6670.0%67.1%
1252nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$10,1430.0%67.1%
1269th District of Texas (Rep. Al Green)$9,9680.0%67.1%
1272nd District of Utah (Rep. Chris Stewart)$9,8510.0%67.1%
1288th District of Florida (Rep. Bill Posey)$9,4100.0%67.1%
1291st District of Iowa (Rep. Bruce L.Braley)$9,3030.0%67.1%
13023th District of California (Rep. Kevin McCarthy)$8,7690.0%67.1%
13112th District of North Carolina (Rep. Melvin L.Watt)$8,6720.0%67.1%
13222nd District of California (Rep. Devin Nunes)$8,3280.0%67.1%
1334th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Scott Perry)$7,5350.0%67.1%
1344th District of North Carolina (Rep. David E.Price)$7,4570.0%67.1%
13532nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Sessions)$7,3980.0%67.1%
13611th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Lou Barletta)$7,1640.0%67.1%
1372nd District of Oregon (Rep. Greg Walden)$7,1210.0%67.1%
13817th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Matt Cartwright)$6,9760.0%67.1%
1398th District of Ohio (Rep. John A.Boehner)$6,6600.0%67.1%
1406th District of Alabama (Rep. Spencer Bachus)$6,5200.0%67.1%
14115th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Charles W.Dent)$6,1470.0%67.1%
1428th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Michael G.Fitzpatrick)$5,5330.0%67.1%
1435th District of North Carolina (Rep. Virginia Foxx)$5,4480.0%67.2%
1449th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Bill Shuster)$5,4250.0%67.2%
1457th District of New Jersey (Rep. Leonard Lance)$5,2730.0%67.2%
1466th District of Colorado (Rep. Mike Coffman)$5,0470.0%67.2%
1471st District of Utah (Rep. Rob Bishop)$4,8860.0%67.2%
1484th District of South Carolina (Rep. Trey Gowdy)$4,7730.0%67.2%
1491st District of Florida (Rep. Jeff Miller)$4,2900.0%67.2%
1501st District of Georgia (Rep. Jack Kingston)$4,2190.0%67.2%
15111th District of Florida (Rep. Richard B.Nugent)$4,0590.0%67.2%
15211th District of Georgia (Rep. Phil Gingrey)$4,0420.0%67.2%
1535th District of Arizona (Rep. Matt Salmon)$3,8830.0%67.2%
1541st District of Texas (Rep. Louie Gohmert)$3,8480.0%67.2%
1556th District of Virginia (Rep. Bob Goodlatte)$3,5330.0%67.2%
1562nd District of West Virginia (Rep. Shelley MooreCapito)$3,4760.0%67.2%
1572nd District of Tennessee (Rep. John J.Duncan)$3,4730.0%67.2%
1581st District of Tennessee (Rep. David P.Roe)$3,4200.0%67.2%
159At-large District of Wyoming (Rep. Cynthia M.Lummis)$3,3280.0%67.2%
16016th District of Illinois (Rep. Adam Kinzinger)$3,2880.0%67.2%
1616th District of Michigan (Rep. Fred Upton)$3,1380.0%67.2%
1629th District of North Carolina (Rep. Robert Pittenger)$3,1190.0%67.2%
1636th District of California (Rep. Doris O.Matsui)$3,1180.0%67.2%
16415th District of Ohio (Rep. Steve Stivers)$3,0630.0%67.2%
1652nd District of Indiana (Rep. Jackie Walorski)$3,0520.0%67.2%
1662nd District of Missouri (Rep. Ann Wagner)$2,6430.0%67.2%
16716th District of Texas (Rep. Beto O’Rourke)$2,5880.0%67.2%
1685th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Glenn Thompson)$2,5750.0%67.2%
1694th District of Indiana (Rep. Todd Rokita)$2,4950.0%67.2%
1702nd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Mark Pocan)$2,4680.0%67.2%
1719th District of Tennessee (Rep. Steve Cohen)$2,4630.0%67.2%
1727th District of Ohio (Rep. Bob Gibbs)$2,3500.0%67.2%
1734th District of Michigan (Rep. Dave Camp)$2,1520.0%67.2%
1744th District of Nevada (Rep. Steven A.Horsford)$2,0730.0%67.2%
1759th District of California (Rep. Jerry McNerney)$1,9620.0%67.2%
1766th District of Ohio (Rep. Bill Johnson)$1,8000.0%67.2%
1778th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Reid J.Ribble)$1,8000.0%67.2%
17810th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Tom Marino)$1,7930.0%67.2%
1795th District of Ohio (Rep. Robert E.Latta)$1,7780.0%67.2%
1805th District of Maryland (Rep. Steny H.Hoyer)$1,7180.0%67.2%
1816th District of Maryland (Rep. John K.Delaney)$1,7120.0%67.2%
1827th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Sean P.Duffy)$1,6910.0%67.2%
18351st District of California (Rep. Juan Vargas)$1,6700.0%67.2%
1847th District of Texas (Rep. John AbneyCulberson)$1,6340.0%67.2%
1856th District of Illinois (Rep. Peter J.Roskam)$1,5870.0%67.2%
1869th District of Indiana (Rep. Todd C.Young)$1,5810.0%67.2%
1878th District of Arizona (Rep. Trent Franks)$1,5750.0%67.2%
1886th District of Wisconsin (Rep. Thomas E.Petri)$1,5310.0%67.2%
1893rd District of Wisconsin (Rep. Ron Kind)$1,4790.0%67.2%
1906th District of Arizona (Rep. David Schweikert)$1,4640.0%67.2%
19111th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mark Meadows)$1,4070.0%67.2%
19220th District of Texas (Rep. Joaquin Castro)$1,3750.0%67.2%
1935th District of Florida (Rep. Corrine Brown)$1,3420.0%67.2%
1947th District of Michigan (Rep. Tim Walberg)$1,2850.0%67.2%
1954th District of Ohio (Rep. Jim Jordan)$1,2030.0%67.2%
1961st District of New Jersey (Rep. Robert E.Andrews)$1,1560.0%67.2%
19719th District of New York (Rep. Christopher P.Gibson)$1,1540.0%67.2%
1983rd District of Utah (Rep. Jason Chaffetz)$1,1460.0%67.2%
1999th District of Virginia (Rep. H. MorganGriffith)$1,1450.0%67.2%
20010th District of California (Rep. Jeff Denham)$1,1330.0%67.2%
2017th District of Minnesota (Rep. Collin C.Peterson)$1,1200.0%67.2%
2022nd District of Idaho (Rep. Michael K.Simpson)$1,0720.0%67.2%
2031st District of Idaho (Rep. Raúl R.Labrador)$1,0610.0%67.2%
20410th District of Michigan (Rep. Candice S.Miller)$1,0290.0%67.2%
2052nd District of Colorado (Rep. Jared Polis)$1,0260.0%67.2%
20616th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Joseph R.Pitts)$1,0200.0%67.2%
2079th District of Arizona (Rep. Kyrsten Sinema)$1,0020.0%67.2%
208At-large District of Vermont (Rep. Peter Welch)$9790.0%67.2%
2096th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Jim Gerlach)$9580.0%67.2%
2107th District of Arizona (Rep. Ed Pastor)$9380.0%67.2%
2112nd District of Virginia (Rep. E. ScottRigell)$8900.0%67.2%
2128th District of California (Rep. Paul Cook)$8770.0%67.2%
2133rd District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Mike Kelly)$8680.0%67.2%
2147th District of Colorado (Rep. Ed Perlmutter)$7590.0%67.2%
2153rd District of West Virginia (Rep. Nick J.Rahall)$7460.0%67.2%
2168th District of Minnesota (Rep. Richard M.Nolan)$7350.0%67.2%
2174th District of Florida (Rep. Ander Crenshaw)$7070.0%67.2%
2185th District of Tennessee (Rep. Jim Cooper)$6940.0%67.2%
2192nd District of Ohio (Rep. Brad R.Wenstrup)$6500.0%67.2%
2201st District of Missouri (Rep. Wm. LacyClay)$6470.0%67.2%
2215th District of Kentucky (Rep. Harold Rogers)$6190.0%67.2%
22210th District of Virginia (Rep. Frank R.Wolf)$6140.0%67.2%
2234th District of Washington (Rep. Doc Hastings)$6080.0%67.2%
2241st District of Minnesota (Rep. Timothy J.Walz)$5880.0%67.2%
2255th District of Wisconsin (Rep. F. JamesSensenbrenner)$5450.0%67.2%
22623th District of New York (Rep. Tom Reed)$5120.0%67.2%
2277th District of Maryland (Rep. Elijah E.Cummings)$5020.0%67.2%
2281st District of Wisconsin (Rep. Paul Ryan)$4960.0%67.2%
2296th District of Indiana (Rep. Luke Messer)$4340.0%67.2%
23012th District of Ohio (Rep. Patrick J.Tiberi)$4130.0%67.2%
23133th District of Texas (Rep. Marc A.Veasey)$4060.0%67.2%
2321st District of Indiana (Rep. Peter J.Visclosky)$3990.0%67.2%
2332nd District of Louisiana (Rep. Cedric L.Richmond)$3910.0%67.2%
2342nd District of Minnesota (Rep. John Kline)$3880.0%67.2%
2358th District of Maryland (Rep. Chris Van Hollen)$3790.0%67.2%
2361st District of West Virginia (Rep. David B.McKinley)$3760.0%67.2%
2377th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Patrick Meehan)$3600.0%67.2%
23821st District of New York (Rep. William L.Owens)$3430.0%67.2%
2391st District of South Carolina (Rep. Office of the First Co$3280.0%67.2%
2404th District of Kentucky (Rep. Thomas Massie)$3260.0%67.2%
24115th District of California (Rep. Eric Swalwell)$3020.0%67.2%
24210th District of Ohio (Rep. Michael R.Turner)$2880.0%67.2%
24314th District of Ohio (Rep. David P.Joyce)$2820.0%67.2%
24436th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$2750.0%67.2%
24512th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Keith J.Rothfus)$2630.0%67.2%
2466th District of Kentucky (Rep. Andy Barr)$2590.0%67.2%
2473rd District of New Jersey (Rep. Jon Runyan)$2520.0%67.2%
2484th District of Georgia (Rep. Henry C. “Hank”Johnson)$2410.0%67.2%
2491st District of New Mexico (Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham)$2340.0%67.2%
25014th District of Illinois (Rep. Randy Hultgren)$2330.0%67.2%
2511st District of Colorado (Rep. Diana DeGette)$2310.0%67.2%
2522nd District of Connecticut (Rep. Joe Courtney)$2130.0%67.2%
2538th District of Michigan (Rep. Mike Rogers)$2070.0%67.2%
25418th District of Pennsylvania (Rep. Tim Murphy)$1940.0%67.2%
2554th District of Utah (Rep. Jim Matheson)$1920.0%67.2%
2561st District of Oregon (Rep. Suzanne Bonamici)$1900.0%67.2%
2573rd District of Indiana (Rep. Marlin A.Stutzman)$1710.0%67.2%
2583rd District of Michigan (Rep. Justin Amash)$1560.0%67.2%
2597th District of Georgia (Rep. Rob Woodall)$1430.0%67.2%
2602nd District of Massachusetts (Rep. James P.McGovern)$1300.0%67.2%
2614th District of Maryland (Rep. Donna F.Edwards)$1190.0%67.2%
2622nd District of Michigan (Rep. Bill Huizenga)$1120.0%67.2%
2631st District of Massachusetts (Rep. Richard E.Neal)$1040.0%67.2%
2641st District of Michigan (Rep. Dan Benishek)$1000.0%67.2%
2652nd District of New Hampshire (Rep. Ann M.Kuster)$950.0%67.2%
2667th District of California (Rep. Ami Bera)$890.0%67.2%
26724th District of California (Rep. Lois Capps)$880.0%67.2%
26813th District of Ohio (Rep. Tim Ryan)$750.0%67.2%
26924th District of New York (Rep. Daniel B.Maffei)$680.0%67.2%
27042nd District of California (Rep. Ken Calvert)$490.0%67.2%
2714th District of New Jersey (Rep. Christopher H.Smith)$470.0%67.2%
2725th District of Michigan (Rep. Daniel T.Kildee)$440.0%67.2%
2735th District of Connecticut (Rep. Elizabeth H.Esty)$440.0%67.2%
27418th District of New York (Rep. Sean PatrickMaloney)$400.0%67.2%
2753rd District of Kentucky (Rep. John A.Yarmuth)$370.0%67.2%
2766th District of Minnesota (Rep. Michele Bachmann)$320.0%67.2%
2772nd District of Nevada (Rep. Mark E.Amodei)$300.0%67.2%
2784th District of California (Rep. Tom McClintock)$300.0%67.2%
2793rd District of Illinois (Rep. Daniel Lipinski)$300.0%67.2%
2802nd District of Illinois (Rep. Office of the Second Congres$280.0%67.2%
2819th District of Massachusetts (Rep. William R.Keating)$250.0%67.2%
2825th District of Indiana (Rep. Susan W.Brooks)$230.0%67.2%
28313th District of Georgia (Rep. David Scott)$230.0%67.2%
2845th District of Oregon (Rep. Kurt Schrader)$210.0%67.2%
28522nd District of New York (Rep. Richard L.Hanna)$130.0%67.2%
28616th District of Ohio (Rep. James B.Renacci)$120.0%67.2%
28712th District of New Jersey (Rep. Rush Holt)$110.0%67.2%
2882nd District of Rhode Island (Rep. James R.Langevin)$110.0%67.2%
2891st District of Rhode Island (Rep. David N.Cicilline)$110.0%67.2%
2905th District of Washington (Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers)$90.0%67.2%
2911st District of Washington (Rep. Suzan K.DelBene)$70.0%67.2%
2921st District of New York (Rep. Timothy H.Bishop)$60.0%67.2%
29312th District of Michigan (Rep. John D.Dingell)$60.0%67.2%
2945th District of California (Rep. Mike Thompson)$40.0%67.2%
29511th District of New Jersey (Rep. Rodney P.Frelinghuysen)$30.0%67.2%
29627th District of New York (Rep. Chris Collins)$20.0%67.2%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

** Crop totals are an estimate. In the data received by EWG for 2009-2011, USDA does not differentiate Direct Payments or Counter-Cyclical Payments by crop as in previous years. EWG allocated the region's Direct Payments by crop for the 2009-2011 calendar year using the proportion of that crop's Direct Payments in 2008. Number of recipients receiving Direct Payments for that crop were not estimated. Due to the way Counter Cyclical Payments are made - EWG was not able to allocate Counter Cyclical Payments to crops. Also included in the crop totals are the crop insurance premiums as reported by the USDA Risk Management Agency for that crop. The crop insurance premium is the amount of money that is calculated by USDA to make the program actuarially sound. Crop insurance premium subsidies are available at the county, state and national level.