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Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments in Montana totaled $6.1 million in 2010

Counties in Montana Receiving Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments, 2010
Rank County Livestock Disaster / Emergency
Pct of
1Dawson County, Montana$1,264,39220.7%20.7%
2Richland County, Montana$1,191,47119.5%40.2%
3Roosevelt County, Montana$621,01510.2%50.3%
4Sheridan County, Montana$517,7188.5%58.8%
5Fallon County, Montana$469,0567.7%66.5%
6Glacier County, Montana$372,1996.1%72.6%
7Big Horn County, Montana$284,1384.6%77.2%
8Wibaux County, Montana$205,7223.4%80.6%
9Garfield County, Montana$199,8723.3%83.8%
10Petroleum County, Montana$113,7361.9%85.7%
11Fergus County, Montana$105,2271.7%87.4%
12Yellowstone County, Montana$104,7791.7%89.1%
13Valley County, Montana$95,2441.6%90.7%
14Prairie County, Montana$85,4171.4%92.1%
15Carter County, Montana$77,1801.3%93.3%
16Blaine County, Montana$60,5971.0%94.3%
17Powder River County, Montana$49,8210.8%95.2%
18Custer County, Montana$28,6490.5%95.6%
19McCone County, Montana$24,8560.4%96.0%
20Rosebud County, Montana$17,4510.3%96.3%
21Cascade County, Montana$14,7980.2%96.6%
22Treasure County, Montana$7,6610.1%96.7%
23Phillips County, Montana$5,2820.1%96.8%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.