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Subtotal, Disaster Payments in New Mexico totaled $290 million from 1995-2012.

Counties in New Mexico Receiving Subtotal, Disaster Payments payments, 1995-2012
Rank County Subtotal, Disaster Payments
Pct of
1Curry County, New Mexico$33,136,84711.4%11.4%
2Quay County, New Mexico$29,364,44010.1%21.5%
3Roosevelt County, New Mexico$24,555,3208.5%30.0%
4Chaves County, New Mexico$24,088,2618.3%38.3%
5Lea County, New Mexico$20,824,6977.2%45.5%
6Torrance County, New Mexico$13,706,7004.7%50.2%
7Eddy County, New Mexico$12,121,5454.2%54.4%
8Union County, New Mexico$11,835,6814.1%58.4%
9DeBaca County, New Mexico$10,796,6713.7%62.1%
10Lincoln County, New Mexico$9,683,7703.3%65.5%
11Socorro County, New Mexico$7,917,2832.7%68.2%
12Guadalupe County, New Mexico$7,520,2382.6%70.8%
13Harding County, New Mexico$7,414,8662.6%73.4%
14Luna County, New Mexico$7,202,3562.5%75.8%
15Dona Ana County, New Mexico$6,864,3922.4%78.2%
16Sierra County, New Mexico$6,749,4892.3%80.5%
17Rio Arriba County, New Mexico$6,719,6002.3%82.8%
18Grant County, New Mexico$6,628,3832.3%85.1%
19San Juan County, New Mexico$5,689,8682.0%87.1%
20Colfax County, New Mexico$5,678,5722.0%89.0%
21Hidalgo County, New Mexico$5,001,4291.7%90.8%
22San Miguel County, New Mexico$4,021,5411.4%92.1%
23Otero County, New Mexico$3,569,8881.2%93.4%
24Catron County, New Mexico$3,507,6321.2%94.6%
25Mora County, New Mexico$3,354,6421.2%95.7%
26McKinley County, New Mexico$3,031,2631.0%96.8%
27Sandoval County, New Mexico$2,495,9320.9%97.6%
28Taos County, New Mexico$2,422,2730.8%98.5%
29Santa Fe County, New Mexico$1,485,0370.5%99.0%
30Cibola County, New Mexico$1,473,3030.5%99.5%
31Valencia County, New Mexico$1,001,5450.3%99.8%
32Bernalillo County, New Mexico$460,6260.2%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.