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Oat Subsidies** in Oregon totaled $46,239 in 2011

Counties in Oregon Receiving oat subsidies**, 2011
Rank County Oat Subsidies**
Pct of
1Klamath County, Oregon$15,94234.5%34.5%
2Washington County, Oregon$10,55022.8%57.3%
3Yamhill County, Oregon$7,39416.0%73.3%
4Polk County, Oregon$4,5179.8%83.1%
5Marion County, Oregon$2,7345.9%89.0%
6Malheur County, Oregon$1,9054.1%93.1%
7Lake County, Oregon$1,4553.1%96.2%
8Harney County, Oregon$1,4173.1%99.3%
9Union County, Oregon$1,2142.6%101.9%
10Clackamas County, Oregon$1,0472.3%104.2%
11Wallowa County, Oregon$1,0142.2%106.4%
12Linn County, Oregon$8331.8%108.2%
13Gilliam County, Oregon$8211.8%110.0%
14Umatilla County, Oregon$7431.6%111.6%
15Lane County, Oregon$6151.3%112.9%
16Benton County, Oregon$4761.0%113.9%
17Jefferson County, Oregon$2890.6%114.5%
18Baker County, Oregon$2790.6%115.2%
19Wasco County, Oregon$1810.4%115.5%
20Crook County, Oregon$1670.4%115.9%
21Grant County, Oregon$1190.3%116.2%
22Morrow County, Oregon$1130.2%116.4%
23Sherman County, Oregon$570.1%116.5%
24Douglas County, Oregon$560.1%116.7%
25Wheeler County, Oregon$240.1%116.7%
26Deschutes County, Oregon$230.0%116.8%
27Jackson County, Oregon$140.0%116.8%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.