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Rice Subsidies** in Brazoria County, Texas totaled $4.8 million in 2011

USDA has not provided recipient detail for rice cooperatives.

Counties in Brazoria County, Texas Receiving rice subsidies**, 2011
Rank County Rice Subsidies**
Pct of
1Wharton County, Texas$11,018,97419.7%19.7%
2Colorado County, Texas$6,406,25311.5%31.2%
3Matagorda County, Texas$6,053,48810.8%42.1%
4Jefferson County, Texas$5,455,1199.8%51.8%
5Brazoria County, Texas$4,814,3048.6%60.5%
6Chambers County, Texas$4,795,0658.6%69.1%
7Jackson County, Texas$4,533,0508.1%77.2%
8Liberty County, Texas$4,245,3567.6%84.8%
9Waller County, Texas$1,784,8943.2%88.0%
10Harris County, Texas$1,736,7753.1%91.1%
11Fort Bend County, Texas$1,687,7673.0%94.1%
12Calhoun County, Texas$1,178,1742.1%96.2%
13Victoria County, Texas$940,7501.7%97.9%
14Galveston County, Texas$756,4391.4%99.3%
15Lavaca County, Texas$713,4651.3%100.6%
16Austin County, Texas$415,9430.7%101.3%
17Bowie County, Texas$228,7790.4%101.7%
18Hardin County, Texas$130,0870.2%101.9%
19Orange County, Texas$44,3210.1%102.0%
20Red River County, Texas$11,7760.0%102.0%
21Delta County, Texas$2,8100.0%102.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.