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Wool Subsidies in Tom Green County, Texas totaled $8,745 in 2011

Counties in Tom Green County, Texas Receiving wool subsidies, 2011
Rank County Wool Subsidies
Pct of
1Gillespie County, Texas$16,37119.3%19.3%
2Schleicher County, Texas$12,09414.2%33.5%
3Tom Green County, Texas$8,74510.3%43.8%
4Concho County, Texas$3,7814.4%48.2%
5Runnels County, Texas$2,6893.2%51.4%
6Crockett County, Texas$1,3151.5%52.9%
7Edwards County, Texas$9071.1%54.0%
8Val Verde County, Texas$8020.9%54.9%
9Sterling County, Texas$7970.9%55.9%
10Coleman County, Texas$7440.9%56.7%
11Sutton County, Texas$6420.8%57.5%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.