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Loan Deficiency Payments in Piute County, Utah totaled $2,463 in 2011

Counties in Piute County, Utah Receiving Loan Deficiency Payments payments, 2011
Rank County Loan Deficiency Payments
Pct of
1Sanpete County, Utah$36,75427.1%27.1%
2Box Elder County, Utah$33,89425.0%52.1%
3Iron County, Utah$26,10419.2%71.3%
4Wayne County, Utah$15,13311.2%82.4%
5Utah County, Utah$4,9813.7%86.1%
6Uintah County, Utah$3,2772.4%88.5%
7Piute County, Utah$2,4631.8%90.3%
8Sevier County, Utah$9550.7%91.1%
9Summit County, Utah$9260.7%91.7%
10Emery County, Utah$8680.6%92.4%
11Tooele County, Utah$3920.3%92.7%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.