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Commodity subsidies in Frederick County, Virginia totaled $55,704 in 2011

Congressional Districts in Frederick County, Virginia Receiving Commodity Payments, 2011
Rank District Subtotal, Farming Subsidies
Pct of
15th District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Hurt)$13,544,48134.7%34.7%
24th District of Virginia (Rep. J. RandyForbes)$10,213,59526.1%60.8%
31st District of Virginia (Rep. Robert J.Wittman)$4,649,26311.9%72.7%
49th District of Virginia (Rep. H. MorganGriffith)$3,567,9459.1%81.8%
52nd District of Virginia (Rep. E. ScottRigell)$1,860,5874.8%86.6%
67th District of Virginia (Rep. Eric Cantor)$1,784,5684.6%91.2%
73rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert C. “Bobby”Scott)$1,467,9823.8%94.9%
86th District of Virginia (Rep. Bob Goodlatte)$1,243,7053.2%98.1%
910th District of Virginia (Rep. Frank R.Wolf)$309,3190.8%98.9%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.