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Total Counter Cyclical Payments in Grayson County, Virginia totaled $0 in 2011

Counties in Grayson County, Virginia Receiving Total Counter Cyclical Payments payments, 2011
Rank County Total Counter Cyclical Payments
Pct of
1Southampton County, Virginia$305,81634.4%34.4%
2Isle of Wight County, Virginia$154,03317.3%51.7%
3Suffolk City, Virginia$121,59313.7%65.3%
4Sussex County, Virginia$104,62311.8%77.1%
5Surry County, Virginia$82,1399.2%86.3%
6Greensville County, Virginia$69,4337.8%94.1%
7Dinwiddie County, Virginia$32,9593.7%97.8%
8Prince George County, Virginia$16,3251.8%99.6%
9Northampton County, Virginia$1,7540.2%99.8%
10Brunswick County, Virginia$1,0830.1%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.