Direct Payment information for

Ratio Farms, 2009

Direct Payments received by Ratio Farms in 2009: $874,666

Beneficiaries of Ratio Farms, 2009

Beneficiary Direct
Billy Ussery$34,114
Donna T Ussery$34,114
Vickie Gregory$34,114
Tyler Griffin$34,114
Monica Manning$34,114
Matthew Inman$34,114
Denice Morgan$34,114
Robert Manning$34,114
Gary Inman$34,114
Otis Gregory$34,114
Bobby J Jenkins$34,111
Benton W Pittman$34,111
Bruce Harper$33,236
Michael Von Kanel$33,236
Dwight Rose$33,236
Nicholas Inman$33,236
David Taylor$33,236
James Miller$33,236
Jeffrey Lake$33,236
Billy C Graham$33,236
Debra Graham$33,236
Leroy Burke$33,236
Mike Truemper$33,236
Melvin Jones$33,236
Ivory Gilmore$33,236
Mary K Miller$33,236

Direct Payments by State and County, 2009

Region Direct
Monroe County, Arkansas$596
Phillips County, Arkansas$874,070