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Commodity Subsidies to Districts Represented by the House Agriculture Committee, 2003-2005

Representative Farm Program Benefits, PY2003-2005 Percent of National TotalCumulative Percentage
Rep. Adrian SmithNE03$1,736,923,0115.0%5.0%
Rep. Jerry MoranKS01$1,315,979,1513.8%8.8%
Rep. Randy NeugebauerTX19$1,227,192,3123.5%12.3%
Rep. Steve KingIA05$1,154,206,6303.3%15.6%
Rep. Stephanie HersethSD01$1,059,460,2813.0%18.7%
Rep. Earl PomeroyND01$1,026,299,2493.0%21.6%
Rep. Timothy J. WalzMN01$899,966,7682.6%24.2%
Rep. Collin C. PetersonMN07$873,920,8372.5%26.7%
Rep. Timothy V. JohnsonIL15$715,522,3412.1%28.8%
Rep. Jeff FortenberryNE01$660,393,7071.9%30.7%
Rep. Frank D. LucasOK03$421,961,2411.2%31.9%
Rep. Leonard L. BoswellIA03$404,489,8451.2%33.1%
Rep. Marilyn N. MusgraveCO04$330,095,4320.9%34.0%
Rep. K. Michael ConawayTX11$321,921,5240.9%35.0%
Rep. Brad EllsworthIN08$304,638,1330.9%35.8%
Rep. Sam GravesMO06$269,009,5330.8%36.6%
Rep. Charles W. Boustany Jr.LA07$249,315,6600.7%37.3%
Rep. Jim CostaCA20$247,177,9090.7%38.0%
Rep. Nancy E. BoydaKS02$224,589,8070.6%38.7%
Rep. Joe DonnellyIN02$209,799,7490.6%39.3%
Rep. Terry EverettAL02$141,607,6970.4%39.7%
Rep. Timothy WalbergMI07$124,042,2330.4%40.1%
Rep. Dennis A. CardozaCA18$96,452,3680.3%40.3%
Rep. John BarrowGA12$86,469,6140.2%40.6%
Rep. Steve KagenWI08$81,535,4490.2%40.8%
Rep. Mike McIntyreNC07$69,962,4690.2%41.0%
Rep. Kevin McCarthyCA22$63,137,6540.2%41.2%
Rep. Zachary T. SpaceOH18$52,568,8640.2%41.3%
Rep. Bob EtheridgeNC02$46,811,5070.1%41.5%
Rep. Jo BonnerAL01$46,383,9110.1%41.6%
Rep. Robin HayesNC08$34,969,5690.1%41.7%
Rep. Lincoln DavisTN04$34,327,9440.1%41.8%
Rep. Henry CuellarTX28$30,086,7760.1%41.9%
Rep. Mike RogersAL03$26,677,0520.1%42.0%
Rep. Nick LampsonTX22$24,801,9820.1%42.0%
Rep. John R. (Randy) Kuhl Jr.NY29$24,377,8450.1%42.1%
Rep. John T. SalazarCO03$24,352,9490.1%42.2%
Rep. Jean SchmidtOH02$22,173,4960.1%42.3%
Rep. Tim HoldenPA17$17,091,072<0.1%42.3%
Rep. Kirsten E. GillibrandNY20$14,889,938<0.1%42.3%
Rep. Virginia FoxxNC05$10,759,438<0.1%42.4%
Rep. Bob GoodlatteVA06$8,292,439<0.1%42.4%
Rep. Jim MarshallGA08$2,145,730<0.1%42.4%
Rep. Tim MahoneyFL16$381,060<0.1%42.4%
Rep. David ScottGA13$104,750<0.1%42.4%
Rep. Joe BacaCA43$0<0.1%42.4%
House Agriculture Comm. Total$14,737,266,92742.4%
U.S. Total$34,752,353,585