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Blue Dog Coalition Members and estimated direct payments to their districts over the next 5 years

RankRepresentativeDistrictDirect Payment Projection for District, 2008-2012
1Rep. Earl PomeroyAt Large$1,125,375,749
2Rep. Marion BerryAR-01 $965,377,428
3Rep. Stephanie Herseth SandlinAt Large $801,246,829
4Rep. Collin C. PetersonMN-07 $691,066,140
5Rep. Bennie G. ThompsonMS-02 $501,717,641
6Rep. Leonard L. BoswellIA-03 $283,039,097
7Rep. Mike RossAR-04 $225,098,631
8Rep. Brad EllsworthIN-08 $214,975,167
9Rep. John S. TannerTN-08 $177,085,368
10Rep. Joe DonnellyIN-02 $143,989,286
11Rep. Jim CostaCA-20 $134,825,063
12Rep. Baron P. HillIN-09 $99,249,268
13Rep. Robert E. (Bud) Cramer Jr.AL-05 $60,096,218
14Rep. Dennis A. CardozaCA-18 $51,948,144
15Rep. John BarrowGA-12 $48,282,911
16Rep. Mike McIntyreNC-07 $48,276,933
17Rep. Zachary T. SpaceOH-18 $43,163,469
18Rep. Dan BorenOK-02 $30,302,858
19Rep. John T. SalazarCO-03 $26,642,254
20Rep. Michael A. ArcuriNY-24 $25,559,916
21Rep. Lincoln DavisTN-04 $23,460,756
22Rep. Bart GordonTN-06 $18,358,929
23Rep. Gabrielle GiffordsAZ-08 $17,422,372
24Rep. Nick LampsonTX-22 $17,363,048
25Rep. Allen BoydFL-02 $16,861,942
26Rep. Charles A. WilsonOH-06 $13,945,302
27Rep. Christopher P. CarneyPA-10 $13,612,454
28Rep. Tim HoldenPA-17 $12,477,726
29Rep. Kirsten E. GillibrandNY-20 $11,065,163
30Rep. Ben ChandlerKY-06 $9,768,542
31Rep. David ScottVA-03 $9,527,753
32Rep. Dennis MooreKS-03 $6,633,041
33Rep. Melissa L. BeanIL-08 $6,334,690
34Rep. Jim Matheson UT-02 $5,947,881
35Rep. Charlie MelanconLA-03 $5,412,272
36Rep. Gene TaylorMS-04 $4,603,490
37Rep. Michael H. MichaudME-02 $3,329,323
38Rep. Jim MarshallGA-08 $2,178,691
39Rep. Patrick J. MurphyPA-08 $1,986,544
40Rep. Heath ShulerNC-11 $948,745
41Rep. Tim MahoneyFL-16 $427,205
42Rep. Jim CooperTN-05 $265,152
43Rep. Timothy H. BishopNY-01 $80,699
44Rep. Steve IsraelNY-02 $2,746
45Rep. Adam B. SchiffCA-29 $700
46Rep. Jane HarmanCA-36 $0
47Rep. Joe BacaCA-43 $0
48Rep. Loretta SanchezCA-47 $0
 Blue Dog Coalition Total $5,907,831,109
 Blue Dog Coalition Percent of Nation 23%




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