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Despite Record Crop Prices and Farm Income, 263 Farm Businesses Are Projected To Receive Over $1 Million in Direct Payment Subsidies Over The Next 5 Years

Rank State
(Click for Top Businesses)
Number of farm businesses estimated to receive over $1 million in Direct Payments due to a 5-year extension of the 2002 Farm Bill (* see note)
 U.S. Total 263
1Mississippi * 62
2Arkansas 51
3California 30
4Louisiana * 23
5Arizona 22
6Texas 14
7Kansas * 9
8Missouri 8
9Georgia 7
10Alabama * 5
11Illinois 4
12Washington * 4
13Colorado 3
14Idaho 3
15North Dakota 3
16Indiana 2
17Iowa 2
18Kentucky 2
19Minnesota 2
20Nebraska 2
21Michigan 1
22Montana 1
23Ohio 1
24South Carolina 1
25Tennessee 1

Source: Environmental Working Group.

* NOTE: Farm businesses estimated to receive over $1 million in direct payments due to a 5-year extension of Direct Payments were placed in the state for which they are estimated to receive the bulk of their direct payments. There were 17 out of the 263 farm businesses that are estimated to receive over $1 million in direct payments that would receive payments from more than one state.



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