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Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements

Premium Subsidy

Farmer Premiums

Indemnities by County in Grand County, Colorado

Kit Carson County, Colorado$332,384,09379,501
Baca County, Colorado$302,383,71453,132
Kiowa County, Colorado$189,436,02942,246
Cheyenne County, Colorado$184,553,09141,856
Prowers County, Colorado$171,604,16644,742
Yuma County, Colorado$163,176,78366,479
Weld County, Colorado$146,982,25372,524
Washington County, Colorado$146,726,49960,535
Lincoln County, Colorado$106,454,84725,886
Phillips County, Colorado$93,120,32448,899
Morgan County, Colorado$75,571,59940,380
Logan County, Colorado$73,357,95356,846
Adams County, Colorado$69,680,88925,025
Bent County, Colorado$63,676,8889,051
Alamosa County, Colorado$55,990,9495,616
Sedgwick County, Colorado$51,255,48534,468
Saguache County, Colorado$42,520,1825,182
Otero County, Colorado$34,365,5399,879
Arapahoe County, Colorado$28,529,2997,613
Pueblo County, Colorado$24,484,3383,580
Elbert County, Colorado$23,601,2087,961
Rio Grande County, Colorado$21,025,6215,726
Delta County, Colorado$17,105,3502,608
Larimer County, Colorado$14,838,6616,454
Las Animas County, Colorado$13,166,714744
Costilla County, Colorado$10,681,316881
Conejos County, Colorado$6,485,0232,073
Mesa County, Colorado$6,367,2752,152
Crowley County, Colorado$5,528,5291,009
Montrose County, Colorado$5,470,7102,204
Unknown county in Colorado$4,514,696254
Montezuma County, Colorado$4,426,0702,135
San Miguel County, Colorado$3,558,010538
Dolores County, Colorado$3,187,3224,702
Boulder County, Colorado$1,840,4201,766
Huerfano County, Colorado$1,496,28390
Denver County, Colorado$1,399,169405
La Plata County, Colorado$1,098,678782
Moffat County, Colorado$703,053687
El Paso County, Colorado$674,767235
Routt County, Colorado$429,296603
Fremont County, Colorado$77,6753
Custer County, Colorado$9,5443
Rio Blanco County, Colorado$3,689103
Jefferson County, Colorado$2,67828
Douglas County, Colorado$1,48843

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2017 is $14.6 billion.


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