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Premium Subsidies by County in Buchanan County, Missouri

Premium Subsidies
CountyPremium Subsidies
Atchison County, Missouri$98,990,46037,894
Stoddard County, Missouri$94,349,98448,840
Audrain County, Missouri$87,927,49247,107
Nodaway County, Missouri$82,721,75037,229
New Madrid County, Missouri$77,968,23463,035
Saline County, Missouri$77,228,55861,111
Carroll County, Missouri$76,874,86651,215
Holt County, Missouri$76,505,74928,411
Bates County, Missouri$69,473,27629,312
Lafayette County, Missouri$67,162,16841,869
Chariton County, Missouri$63,408,09338,615
Pemiscot County, Missouri$60,471,01359,712
Barton County, Missouri$59,935,97630,751
Vernon County, Missouri$59,739,00532,061
Monroe County, Missouri$59,058,89335,554
Lewis County, Missouri$58,736,32727,481
Knox County, Missouri$53,494,49325,397
Livingston County, Missouri$52,864,95131,382
Mississippi County, Missouri$52,819,33028,109
Dunklin County, Missouri$52,438,41172,694
Shelby County, Missouri$52,284,51233,402
Harrison County, Missouri$51,880,93423,356
Marion County, Missouri$50,434,97331,832
Pike County, Missouri$50,331,54733,863
Pettis County, Missouri$49,585,17235,395
Cooper County, Missouri$48,889,04433,728
Clark County, Missouri$48,641,61229,675
Scotland County, Missouri$44,085,13421,518
Scott County, Missouri$41,997,91920,651
Grundy County, Missouri$41,332,95118,437
Daviess County, Missouri$40,888,50324,726
Ralls County, Missouri$40,685,41426,642
Macon County, Missouri$39,799,88619,870
Saint Charles County, Missouri$39,585,12431,830
Montgomery County, Missouri$39,336,12031,182
Gentry County, Missouri$38,521,93920,612
Ray County, Missouri$38,137,16830,542
Andrew County, Missouri$37,802,29718,512
Linn County, Missouri$35,763,83224,717
Johnson County, Missouri$35,609,09723,480
Buchanan County, Missouri$34,476,64125,225
Clinton County, Missouri$32,374,10512,175
Lincoln County, Missouri$31,530,23627,829
Platte County, Missouri$31,468,09117,254
DeKalb County, Missouri$31,247,72816,752
Butler County, Missouri$30,702,20925,860
Cass County, Missouri$30,394,05715,648
Callaway County, Missouri$29,491,38723,285
Cape Girardeau County, Missouri$28,370,43411,979
Jasper County, Missouri$27,946,88415,857
Henry County, Missouri$24,914,71618,171
Caldwell County, Missouri$23,280,58119,566
Boone County, Missouri$21,158,15714,301
Mercer County, Missouri$19,930,61012,146
Perry County, Missouri$19,011,2889,770
Adair County, Missouri$18,485,90311,605
Howard County, Missouri$18,402,59515,059
Sullivan County, Missouri$17,950,74012,229
Warren County, Missouri$17,758,15218,888
Putnam County, Missouri$17,515,18910,264
Randolph County, Missouri$15,607,59011,531
Jackson County, Missouri$15,465,8517,835
Saint Clair County, Missouri$15,192,99411,111
Franklin County, Missouri$14,042,96710,568
Moniteau County, Missouri$13,116,28814,676
Dade County, Missouri$12,511,6598,863
Schuyler County, Missouri$12,133,6309,049
Worth County, Missouri$11,713,9869,140
Clay County, Missouri$11,663,3217,267
Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri$9,595,8877,403
Lawrence County, Missouri$9,443,3276,161
Benton County, Missouri$9,317,3427,762
Bollinger County, Missouri$8,671,4725,297
Osage County, Missouri$7,638,4109,387
Morgan County, Missouri$5,986,8386,675
Saint Louis County, Missouri$5,909,6364,934
Newton County, Missouri$5,676,2673,608
Gasconade County, Missouri$5,607,2815,890
Barry County, Missouri$5,323,7231,431
Cole County, Missouri$4,306,9107,739
Ripley County, Missouri$3,193,6332,945
Cedar County, Missouri$2,628,0132,872
Jefferson County, Missouri$1,901,7941,312
Laclede County, Missouri$1,800,4271,185
Greene County, Missouri$1,395,6881,020
Hickory County, Missouri$1,201,5301,337
Polk County, Missouri$1,182,3791,065
Miller County, Missouri$1,178,7971,734
Webster County, Missouri$1,172,121685
Unknown county in Missouri$1,132,882490
Maries County, Missouri$1,124,6021,449
Wayne County, Missouri$867,485895
McDonald County, Missouri$738,514256
Pulaski County, Missouri$579,671275
Saint Francois County, Missouri$528,710480
Wright County, Missouri$448,059328
Howell County, Missouri$394,20089
Christian County, Missouri$380,542335
Dallas County, Missouri$365,776318
Crawford County, Missouri$196,163296
Texas County, Missouri$150,60749
Madison County, Missouri$127,781116
Phelps County, Missouri$125,619211
Oregon County, Missouri$74,62431
Camden County, Missouri$66,56752
Douglas County, Missouri$56,53521
Dent County, Missouri$29,55327
Ozark County, Missouri$15,45513
Stone County, Missouri$3,8466
Taney County, Missouri$2,6816

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2017 is $14.6 billion.


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