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Hardin County, Ohio

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Total Costs (see methodology) by County in Hardin County, Ohio

Total Costs (see methodology)
CountyTotal Costs (see methodology)
Darke County, Ohio$58,534,56146,363
Hardin County, Ohio$56,633,23329,507
Mercer County, Ohio$49,331,35648,463
Defiance County, Ohio$47,320,83125,180
Paulding County, Ohio$44,494,07937,543
Preble County, Ohio$39,420,52220,726
Pickaway County, Ohio$35,559,34032,097
Logan County, Ohio$35,280,28323,676
Auglaize County, Ohio$32,715,82133,979
Putnam County, Ohio$31,078,24734,569
Wood County, Ohio$30,902,00347,706
Seneca County, Ohio$30,738,26339,432
Van Wert County, Ohio$30,558,49732,018
Huron County, Ohio$30,212,92017,980
Butler County, Ohio$29,494,05114,758
Wyandot County, Ohio$28,892,86325,112
Allen County, Ohio$28,247,63123,010
Williams County, Ohio$28,101,95216,400
Union County, Ohio$28,064,66721,478
Lorain County, Ohio$27,772,17410,950
Champaign County, Ohio$25,543,12824,733
Henry County, Ohio$25,212,89324,078
Shelby County, Ohio$24,825,34530,021
Ashtabula County, Ohio$22,576,3738,682
Marion County, Ohio$22,467,26421,328
Ottawa County, Ohio$21,478,84727,557
Crawford County, Ohio$20,851,95819,155
Morrow County, Ohio$20,724,68813,949
Hancock County, Ohio$20,000,90541,528
Delaware County, Ohio$19,461,45514,032
Montgomery County, Ohio$18,823,71110,859
Warren County, Ohio$18,165,6089,590
Fayette County, Ohio$18,108,51823,094
Madison County, Ohio$18,031,95325,088
Medina County, Ohio$18,003,4937,448
Fulton County, Ohio$17,544,87814,124
Brown County, Ohio$17,452,40125,626
Licking County, Ohio$16,386,57414,024
Wayne County, Ohio$16,261,87313,192
Miami County, Ohio$16,095,88822,848
Highland County, Ohio$15,393,95922,734
Sandusky County, Ohio$14,457,33025,963
Stark County, Ohio$13,872,8627,964
Fairfield County, Ohio$13,392,79316,049
Ashland County, Ohio$13,107,88010,938
Clermont County, Ohio$12,321,1427,863
Adams County, Ohio$10,396,27514,074
Clark County, Ohio$10,339,21117,689
Richland County, Ohio$10,119,6927,714
Knox County, Ohio$10,081,78212,859
Ross County, Ohio$9,355,56918,307
Coshocton County, Ohio$9,247,7785,818
Perry County, Ohio$9,201,6684,040
Lucas County, Ohio$8,670,7217,801
Clinton County, Ohio$8,644,60717,545
Greene County, Ohio$8,528,25716,098
Muskingum County, Ohio$7,555,4245,054
Franklin County, Ohio$7,296,0179,936
Columbiana County, Ohio$7,230,3756,336
Erie County, Ohio$7,149,5887,264
Carroll County, Ohio$7,050,3984,389
Tuscarawas County, Ohio$6,808,7883,218
Trumbull County, Ohio$6,644,6605,085
Portage County, Ohio$5,762,2153,663
Holmes County, Ohio$5,746,9974,147
Mahoning County, Ohio$5,613,1254,518
Scioto County, Ohio$4,624,1363,483
Geauga County, Ohio$3,714,0851,592
Pike County, Ohio$3,142,7282,892
Lawrence County, Ohio$2,668,0271,914
Gallia County, Ohio$2,227,5663,831
Hocking County, Ohio$2,147,2991,712
Washington County, Ohio$2,007,9082,258
Meigs County, Ohio$2,006,1481,178
Hamilton County, Ohio$1,816,5071,206
Jackson County, Ohio$1,747,5691,856
Guernsey County, Ohio$1,443,8231,193
Harrison County, Ohio$1,298,6811,122
Athens County, Ohio$1,241,3211,465
Lake County, Ohio$1,168,370635
Jefferson County, Ohio$1,142,381820
Morgan County, Ohio$1,060,519988
Summit County, Ohio$1,060,0761,247
Unknown county in Ohio$645,520245
Vinton County, Ohio$523,742932
Noble County, Ohio$96,427220
Cuyahoga County, Ohio$85,694207
Belmont County, Ohio$67,490150
Monroe County, Ohio$23,841188

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2018 is $14.6 billion.


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