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Lamar County, Texas

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Premium Subsidies by County in Lamar County, Texas

Premium Subsidies
CountyPremium Subsidies
Gaines County, Texas$305,963,32566,106
Dawson County, Texas$269,512,22777,470
Hale County, Texas$223,872,266144,657
Hidalgo County, Texas$218,155,80771,723
Lynn County, Texas$210,159,93774,572
Terry County, Texas$204,417,54284,362
Hockley County, Texas$193,315,00396,966
Lubbock County, Texas$189,339,740126,385
Floyd County, Texas$177,798,215111,269
Lamb County, Texas$162,279,464135,156
Martin County, Texas$158,231,72044,124
Nueces County, Texas$150,522,86784,874
Parmer County, Texas$138,480,091121,176
Swisher County, Texas$135,474,90661,783
Howard County, Texas$134,734,99934,857
Deaf Smith County, Texas$126,716,32359,267
Cochran County, Texas$122,048,38549,262
Crosby County, Texas$121,447,54261,165
Castro County, Texas$117,482,32181,384
Yoakum County, Texas$115,048,67237,086
Wharton County, Texas$114,489,80581,407
San Patricio County, Texas$108,408,56868,058
Glasscock County, Texas$108,328,88522,819
Hartley County, Texas$105,985,69323,770
Hansford County, Texas$105,386,39239,128
Jones County, Texas$105,253,82563,178
Fisher County, Texas$105,030,94939,463
Tom Green County, Texas$101,372,74353,182
Dallam County, Texas$101,090,74726,537
Haskell County, Texas$100,050,36969,538
Cameron County, Texas$97,567,71564,309
Bailey County, Texas$86,362,95668,589
Sherman County, Texas$81,600,40133,301
Willacy County, Texas$78,558,52050,231
Ochiltree County, Texas$77,968,48135,121
Moore County, Texas$73,568,80033,532
Runnels County, Texas$70,697,46546,795
Jackson County, Texas$70,480,10830,184
Scurry County, Texas$69,190,93927,814
Matagorda County, Texas$64,684,97728,785
Hill County, Texas$63,456,77133,521
Carson County, Texas$56,867,01844,043
Williamson County, Texas$56,588,76763,145
Knox County, Texas$56,332,80420,348
Mitchell County, Texas$52,231,44524,638
Hall County, Texas$51,065,89426,847
Wilbarger County, Texas$50,640,41952,187
Kleberg County, Texas$49,443,3829,662
Briscoe County, Texas$48,555,41221,728
Collingsworth County, Texas$48,265,44827,108
Falls County, Texas$46,445,07629,857
Ellis County, Texas$45,034,88736,635
Nolan County, Texas$44,519,30819,998
Starr County, Texas$43,544,7846,930
Jim Wells County, Texas$43,515,95424,029
Reagan County, Texas$42,955,38411,716
Fort Bend County, Texas$41,121,53741,671
McLennan County, Texas$40,642,40924,493
Concho County, Texas$40,201,18125,202
Fannin County, Texas$38,730,57039,293
Childress County, Texas$38,141,88721,862
Bell County, Texas$37,773,79439,141
Refugio County, Texas$37,643,85020,500
Bee County, Texas$36,536,88222,129
Borden County, Texas$36,428,58811,531
Collin County, Texas$36,185,90816,276
Randall County, Texas$35,431,59821,245
Victoria County, Texas$34,946,82823,071
Wichita County, Texas$33,284,30712,947
Milam County, Texas$32,250,51228,878
Baylor County, Texas$31,881,18713,225
Calhoun County, Texas$31,030,72317,487
Taylor County, Texas$30,863,45120,634
Pecos County, Texas$30,831,6623,020
Frio County, Texas$30,610,8267,151
Lamar County, Texas$29,415,07719,692
Grayson County, Texas$27,313,34919,778
Hutchinson County, Texas$27,122,62913,098
Armstrong County, Texas$26,797,64010,256
Garza County, Texas$26,467,97615,647
Medina County, Texas$26,388,49020,885
Foard County, Texas$26,012,74811,274
Uvalde County, Texas$25,993,65111,843
Gray County, Texas$25,836,10318,309
Andrews County, Texas$25,309,2395,308
Hardeman County, Texas$24,952,07817,102
Midland County, Texas$21,990,94611,077
Brazoria County, Texas$21,318,45211,199
Guadalupe County, Texas$20,991,58021,573
McCulloch County, Texas$20,690,2069,264
El Paso County, Texas$20,243,4353,756
Oldham County, Texas$20,221,0278,728
Liberty County, Texas$20,196,8918,122
Cottle County, Texas$19,887,88610,008
Stonewall County, Texas$19,880,19513,007
Throckmorton County, Texas$19,619,2557,403
Live Oak County, Texas$18,958,43710,825
Hunt County, Texas$18,400,84515,774
Navarro County, Texas$18,345,14813,641
Hudspeth County, Texas$18,343,8241,509
Colorado County, Texas$18,224,28912,708
Unknown county in Texas$18,069,6731,696
Red River County, Texas$17,992,7354,805
Robertson County, Texas$17,881,7944,785
Webb County, Texas$17,778,161993
Schleicher County, Texas$17,657,8285,733
Upton County, Texas$17,246,3624,790
Archer County, Texas$17,034,5385,737
Dickens County, Texas$16,410,24310,672
Zavala County, Texas$16,288,0975,234
Delta County, Texas$16,079,6446,427
Brewster County, Texas$15,842,778520
Donley County, Texas$14,976,7219,767
Burleson County, Texas$14,896,5874,940
Chambers County, Texas$14,431,1779,081
Culberson County, Texas$14,391,119562
Bowie County, Texas$14,136,9694,436
Young County, Texas$13,940,7716,569
Reeves County, Texas$13,446,8522,884
Denton County, Texas$13,325,5558,076
Karnes County, Texas$12,974,5819,345
Motley County, Texas$12,656,4019,320
Crockett County, Texas$12,392,041720
Wilson County, Texas$12,142,95611,672
King County, Texas$12,126,5051,877
Bexar County, Texas$11,896,45910,932
Comanche County, Texas$11,434,8187,291
Coleman County, Texas$11,306,31412,163
Duval County, Texas$11,252,2014,480
Clay County, Texas$10,658,0325,418
Brazos County, Texas$10,310,2003,694
Travis County, Texas$10,247,31215,811
Val Verde County, Texas$9,777,753559
Coryell County, Texas$9,343,7818,100
Kaufman County, Texas$9,310,0283,026
Shackelford County, Texas$9,250,2545,206
Wheeler County, Texas$9,149,5166,256
Waller County, Texas$8,931,7254,074
Atascosa County, Texas$8,925,4845,942
Terrell County, Texas$8,917,865478
Limestone County, Texas$8,805,5724,795
Johnson County, Texas$8,696,9744,970
Kent County, Texas$8,596,0104,863
Lipscomb County, Texas$8,554,5175,951
Caldwell County, Texas$8,334,9647,453
Van Zandt County, Texas$8,234,317538
Goliad County, Texas$8,010,3282,703
Maverick County, Texas$7,953,710473
Gonzales County, Texas$7,655,4523,707
Potter County, Texas$7,484,3824,604
Callahan County, Texas$7,475,5815,091
San Saba County, Texas$7,327,3492,301
Jefferson County, Texas$7,210,7345,325
Presidio County, Texas$6,905,565256
Kinney County, Texas$6,889,027668
Kenedy County, Texas$6,825,567198
Harris County, Texas$6,722,4194,305
Coke County, Texas$6,644,7364,344
Jeff Davis County, Texas$6,626,199233
Gillespie County, Texas$6,318,5865,317
Dallas County, Texas$6,273,5664,002
Austin County, Texas$6,169,0596,133
La Salle County, Texas$6,145,1071,670
Fayette County, Texas$5,951,4743,491
DeWitt County, Texas$5,825,3044,847
Jim Hogg County, Texas$5,805,115866
Roberts County, Texas$5,767,2553,114
Sterling County, Texas$5,455,744729
McMullen County, Texas$5,195,143702
Cooke County, Texas$5,065,5534,145
Irion County, Texas$4,988,2981,509
Dimmit County, Texas$4,694,137964
Rockwall County, Texas$4,471,1481,024
Houston County, Texas$4,402,6541,033
Hays County, Texas$4,395,0862,745
Hamilton County, Texas$4,391,9532,638
Eastland County, Texas$4,266,3854,115
Lavaca County, Texas$4,133,0184,729
Zapata County, Texas$3,998,706464
Brooks County, Texas$3,952,8611,801
Ward County, Texas$3,755,376503
Sutton County, Texas$3,630,386630
Brown County, Texas$3,460,5094,409
Hemphill County, Texas$3,416,0991,948
Henderson County, Texas$3,275,292422
Bosque County, Texas$3,273,8621,903
Smith County, Texas$3,109,896404
Winkler County, Texas$3,083,23184
Bastrop County, Texas$2,993,3743,042
Mills County, Texas$2,856,4901,213
Erath County, Texas$2,851,4391,912
Crane County, Texas$2,603,82382
Leon County, Texas$2,360,518511
Wise County, Texas$2,141,5321,879
Cherokee County, Texas$2,032,037380
Freestone County, Texas$1,987,112299
Anderson County, Texas$1,865,834532
Montgomery County, Texas$1,865,255244
Jack County, Texas$1,818,857804
Edwards County, Texas$1,806,381261
Hopkins County, Texas$1,791,533452
Menard County, Texas$1,778,906909
Loving County, Texas$1,762,52241
Mason County, Texas$1,729,5111,120
Grimes County, Texas$1,674,306306
Stephens County, Texas$1,595,4821,262
Montague County, Texas$1,452,5401,305
Walker County, Texas$1,425,944177
Camp County, Texas$1,419,596147
Tarrant County, Texas$1,400,8671,173
Washington County, Texas$1,253,167876
Lee County, Texas$1,243,3232,876
Ector County, Texas$1,238,28253
Galveston County, Texas$1,169,995845
Aransas County, Texas$1,163,560847
Comal County, Texas$1,151,2491,984
Kimble County, Texas$1,095,751491
Lampasas County, Texas$1,072,007526
Llano County, Texas$1,022,592376
Palo Pinto County, Texas$916,518543
Madison County, Texas$817,960170
Parker County, Texas$705,653725
Blanco County, Texas$672,953266
Kerr County, Texas$606,361237
San Jacinto County, Texas$535,57222
Kendall County, Texas$534,654350
Burnet County, Texas$521,580319
Bandera County, Texas$302,506295
Hardin County, Texas$274,173185
Jasper County, Texas$255,79025
Real County, Texas$251,510110
Trinity County, Texas$249,92434
Rusk County, Texas$235,81655
Franklin County, Texas$218,209119
Polk County, Texas$217,74748
Hood County, Texas$210,055496
Tyler County, Texas$198,78736
Panola County, Texas$190,31520
Shelby County, Texas$146,44928
Rains County, Texas$94,43449
Nacogdoches County, Texas$73,28439
Somervell County, Texas$70,03787
Cass County, Texas$69,25216
Upshur County, Texas$47,84762
Orange County, Texas$42,26941
Wood County, Texas$42,09923

METHODOLOGY: EWG obtained county level crop insurance information from USDA Risk Management Agency which shows premium subsidies, indemnities and farmer premiums at the county/crop level by crop year. Administrative and Operating Expense Reimbursements to crop insurance companies (A+O), Other program fund costs, Other administrative and operating fund costs expenses, and Government earned interest were allocated to the crop/county level by using the national expenditures/revenue of the Crop Insurance program (available here for 2008-2017 and from RMA previous to 2008) in each category and attributing them the crop/county level by total premiums. EWG was unable to attribute underwriting gains to the county/crop level. Underwriting gains (or losses) are paid to insurance companies when the insurance companies collect more in total subsidies than are paid out in indemnities. Since underwriting gains are paid by company on the basis of all of their policies, EWG was unable to allocate underwriting gains by crop or by region. The total underwriting gains for 1995-2017 is $14.6 billion.


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