Holly Ridge Planting Co


USDA subsidy information for Holly Ridge Planting Co

Addresses on file with USDA for Holly Ridge Planting Co

This recipient received $18,934,009 in farm subsidies directly from USDA. Below we list the addresses of the recipient along with others at the same address. Note: Although the city, state and zipcode of records below may match, each address is unique.

Recipient name City, State Years
Holly Ridge Planting CoIndianola, MS 387512000-2023
    Other recipients at this address:Billups Pltn - $823,641
St Rest Plantation Inc - $244,200
St Rest Planting Co - $18,861,985
Heathman Plantation - $7,432,590
Heathman Planting Company - $7,432,590
Hrp Inc - $960,302
L & R Farms - $274,519
W T Robertson Jr - $7,053
William T Robertson III
Alexander B Robertson - $7,017
Alexander B Robertson Sr - $7,017
Edna K Robertson
Edna Kirk Robertson
Frances B Robertson
Lawrence C Long - $150
James C Robertson
James C Robertson Jr - $149
Susan R Allen
Irene R Long
Oak Grove Farms Inc - $140,915
Holmes Plantation Inc - $258,974
Dr Lawrence Long Trust - $72,235
Benjamin B Robertson - $763,479
Kansas Limited Partnership - $298
Elliott Robertson
Alexander B Robertson Jr
Lawrence Wilburn Long
Will Long
James C Robertson III
Paula Giachelli
Margaret R Long
John T Robertson
John Thomas Robertson
Annie D Robertson
April Robertson
Debbie B Robertson
Anne B Robertson
Page T Robertson
Lois P Robertson
Dana F Robertson
Elyette P Robertson
Longswitch Farms Inc - $18,375
Mary Nelson Robertson
Holly Ridge Planting CoHolly Ridge, MS 387491996-1999
    No other recipients at this address.

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