Joel Basinger


USDA subsidy information for Joel Basinger

Addresses on file with USDA for Joel Basinger

This recipient received $59,111 in farm subsidies directly from USDA. Below we list the addresses of the recipient along with others at the same address. Note: Although the city, state and zipcode of records below may match, each address is unique.

Recipient name City, State Years
Joel BasingerPost, TX 793562006-2021
    Other recipients at this address:Joe E Basinger - $916,478
Joe Elic Basinger - $916,478
Joel BasingerLubbock, TX 794232018-2020
    Other recipients at this address:Jennifer L Marley - $1,576,357
John English - $165,094
Rear View Mirror Enterprises LLC - $4,114
Marley Family Limited Partnership - $496,301
Marley Family Limited Partnership, Lllp - $496,301
Marley Land Partnership - $827,183
Susan Martin - $937
John Arthur Shiflett
Jana B English - $2,411
Tommy English - $223,521
Larry D Martin - $8,867
Shelly Fleming
English Farms Joint Venture - $1,851,576
Dell Morgan
John & Colton English Family Trus - $302,198
Colton English
Ponderosa Services, LLC - $77,589
Joel BasingerLubbock, TX 794242014-2016
Joel BasingerLubbock, TX 794242003-2005

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