Mustard Seed Subsidies in the United States totaled $708,998 in 2010

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Counties in the United States Receiving mustard seed subsidies, 2010

Rank County Mustard Seed Subsidies
Pct of
1Sheridan County, Montana$73,14910.3%10.3%
2Daniels County, Montana$63,1258.9%19.2%
3Divide County, North Dakota$52,6707.4%26.6%
4Renville County, North Dakota$49,8657.0%33.7%
5Ward County, North Dakota$46,9156.6%40.3%
6Williams County, North Dakota$45,4786.4%46.7%
7Burke County, North Dakota$38,7785.5%52.2%
8Valley County, Montana$36,1625.1%57.3%
9McLean County, North Dakota$32,1444.5%61.8%
10Bottineau County, North Dakota$28,0244.0%65.8%
11Mountrail County, North Dakota$27,2663.8%69.6%
12Stark County, North Dakota$23,3293.3%72.9%
13Towner County, North Dakota$21,3413.0%75.9%
14Dunn County, North Dakota$18,0722.5%78.5%
15Rolette County, North Dakota$13,1661.9%80.3%
16McCone County, Montana$12,2341.7%82.0%
17Golden Valley County, North Dakota$11,2371.6%83.6%
18Slope County, North Dakota$9,6951.4%85.0%
19Hettinger County, North Dakota$7,5441.1%86.1%
20Glacier County, Montana$7,2701.0%87.1%
21Benson County, North Dakota$6,9391.0%88.1%
22Toole County, Montana$6,8691.0%89.0%
23McIntosh County, North Dakota$6,2520.9%89.9%
24McKenzie County, North Dakota$5,2040.7%90.7%
25Umatilla County, Oregon$4,8520.7%91.3%
26Billings County, North Dakota$4,8130.7%92.0%
27Columbia County, Washington$4,7940.7%92.7%
28Adams County, North Dakota$4,6110.7%93.3%
29Caribou County, Idaho$4,2790.6%93.9%
30Whitman County, Washington$3,5020.5%94.4%
31Power County, Idaho$3,4770.5%94.9%
32Nez Perce County, Idaho$3,3280.5%95.4%
33Fremont County, Idaho$3,0150.4%95.8%
34Teton County, Montana$2,8460.4%96.2%
35Oliver County, North Dakota$2,5660.4%96.6%
36Latah County, Idaho$2,5040.4%96.9%
37Wibaux County, Montana$2,4710.3%97.3%
38Pondera County, Montana$2,3460.3%97.6%
39Cascade County, Montana$2,0350.3%97.9%
40Burleigh County, North Dakota$1,8600.3%98.2%
41Roosevelt County, Montana$1,7190.2%98.4%
42Morton County, North Dakota$1,0240.1%98.6%
43Lincoln County, Washington$9600.1%98.7%
44Richland County, Montana$9330.1%98.8%
45Adams County, Washington$7770.1%98.9%
46Wasco County, Oregon$7080.1%99.0%
47Bowman County, North Dakota$5410.1%99.1%
48Morrow County, Oregon$5020.1%99.2%
49McHenry County, North Dakota$4970.1%99.3%
50Grant County, North Dakota$4730.1%99.3%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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