Rice Subsidies in the United States totaled $14.3 billion from 1995-2014.

USDA has not provided recipient detail for rice cooperatives.

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Congressional Districts in the United States Receiving rice subsidies, 1995-2014

Rank District Rice Subsidies
Pct of
11st District of Arkansas (Rep. Eric A. “Rick”Crawford)$4,466,234,37031.2%31.2%
23rd District of California (Rep. John Garamendi)$1,417,218,5219.9%41.1%
33rd District of Louisiana (Rep. Charles W.Boustany)$1,149,168,5418.0%49.2%
42nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie G.Thompson)$1,020,329,8457.1%56.3%
51st District of California (Rep. Doug LaMalfa)$723,493,5705.1%61.3%
627th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$693,028,4734.8%66.2%
78th District of Missouri (Rep. Office of the Eighth Congres$543,090,0203.8%70.0%
85th District of Louisiana (Rep. Rodney Alexander)$509,078,3853.6%73.5%
94th District of Louisiana (Rep. John Fleming)$328,082,5372.3%75.8%
104th District of Arkansas (Rep. Tom Cotton)$304,276,2712.1%78.0%
1110th District of Texas (Rep. Michael T.McCaul)$298,050,4032.1%80.0%
1214th District of Texas (Rep. Randy K.Weber)$239,420,9961.7%81.7%
1336th District of Texas (Rep. Steve Stockman)$238,836,2231.7%83.4%
142nd District of Arkansas (Rep. Tim Griffin)$160,017,0241.1%84.5%
1522nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$89,307,4170.6%85.1%
164th District of California (Rep. Tom McClintock)$39,191,7460.3%85.4%
1716th District of California (Rep. Jim Costa)$33,584,0910.2%85.6%
186th District of California (Rep. Doris O.Matsui)$21,962,1600.2%85.8%
199th District of California (Rep. Jerry McNerney)$21,359,1250.1%85.9%
207th District of California (Rep. Ami Bera)$14,343,4240.1%86.0%
214th District of Texas (Rep. Ralph M.Hall)$10,057,9660.1%86.1%
2210th District of California (Rep. Jeff Denham)$9,435,9990.1%86.2%
231st District of Mississippi (Rep. Alan Nunnelee)$9,375,7960.1%86.2%
246th District of Louisiana (Rep. Bill Cassidy)$8,763,7900.1%86.3%
2521st District of California (Rep. David G.Valadao)$6,502,4890.0%86.4%
267th District of Texas (Rep. John AbneyCulberson)$5,828,6990.0%86.4%
272nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$5,688,2640.0%86.4%
288th District of Tennessee (Rep. Stephen LeeFincher)$4,427,1040.0%86.5%
292nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$4,401,7710.0%86.5%
308th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$3,098,0850.0%86.5%
3120th District of Florida (Rep. Alcee L.Hastings)$2,425,6840.0%86.5%
3218th District of Florida (Rep. Patrick Murphy)$2,251,4650.0%86.5%
333rd District of Arkansas (Rep. Steve Womack)$1,969,8680.0%86.6%
349th District of Texas (Rep. Al Green)$1,054,5630.0%86.6%
3523th District of California (Rep. Kevin McCarthy)$982,7610.0%86.6%
363rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$856,9700.0%86.6%
3722nd District of California (Rep. Devin Nunes)$811,5080.0%86.6%
3817th District of Florida (Rep. Thomas J.Rooney)$675,9310.0%86.6%
3912th District of Illinois (Rep. William L.Enyart)$621,2890.0%86.6%
401st District of Kentucky (Rep. Ed Whitfield)$489,0630.0%86.6%
4125th District of Florida (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart)$481,8860.0%86.6%
4218th District of Texas (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee)$463,6700.0%86.6%
434th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven M.Palazzo)$277,0940.0%86.6%
4429th District of Texas (Rep. Gene Green)$102,4680.0%86.6%
4515th District of California (Rep. Eric Swalwell)$31,1360.0%86.6%
462nd District of Louisiana (Rep. Cedric L.Richmond)$28,8390.0%86.6%
472nd District of Florida (Rep. Steve Southerland)$27,3670.0%86.6%
4834th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$27,0790.0%86.6%
497th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tom Rice)$21,8020.0%86.6%
5017th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$4,7660.0%86.6%
515th District of South Carolina (Rep. Mick Mulvaney)$1,4450.0%86.6%
521st District of Alabama (Rep. Jo Bonner)$7220.0%86.6%
537th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri A.Sewell)$2660.0%86.6%
545th District of California (Rep. Mike Thompson)$130.0%86.6%
557th District of New Jersey (Rep. Leonard Lance)$100.0%86.6%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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