Total Counter Cyclical Payments in the United States totaled $17.2 million in 2011

Congressional Districts in the United States Receiving Total Counter Cyclical Payments payments, 2011

Rank District Total Counter Cyclical Payments
Pct of
12nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford Bishop)$3,389,55019.8%19.8%
219th District of Texas (Rep. Jodey Arrington)$2,043,72611.9%31.7%
38th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$1,933,02911.3%42.9%
42nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$1,630,0969.5%52.4%
51st District of North Carolina (Rep. G.K. Butterfield)$1,159,7946.8%59.2%
613th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$846,0324.9%64.1%
712th District of Georgia (Rep. Rick Allen)$776,6524.5%68.7%
811th District of Texas (Rep. Michael Conaway)$729,3844.3%72.9%
94th District of Virginia (Rep. Donald McEachin)$685,6904.0%76.9%
103rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank Lucas)$642,1863.7%80.6%
112nd District of Florida (Rep. Neal Dunn)$636,7153.7%84.4%
1223rd District of Texas (Rep. Will Hurd)$221,5981.3%85.6%
131st District of Florida (Rep. Matt Gaetz)$219,4661.3%86.9%
143rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter Jones)$200,4611.2%88.1%
152nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Steve Pearce)$167,7961.0%89.1%
1628th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$163,8021.0%90.0%
173rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Scott)$152,2350.9%90.9%
184th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$139,9840.8%91.7%
191st District of Alabama (Rep. Bradley Byrne)$122,5940.7%92.4%
203rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted Yoho)$106,3830.6%93.1%
212nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$92,2230.5%93.6%
227th District of North Carolina (Rep. David Rouzer)$52,0320.3%93.9%
233rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben Lujan)$48,6800.3%94.2%
241st District of Arkansas (Rep. Rick Crawford)$45,4490.3%94.5%
255th District of Florida (Rep. Al Lawson)$45,0000.3%94.7%
2616th District of California (Rep. Jim Costa)$42,8660.2%95.0%
273rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$40,3200.2%95.2%
287th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri Sewell)$37,6490.2%95.4%
2921st District of California (Rep. David Valado)$37,2230.2%95.6%
304th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven Palazzo)$36,5220.2%95.9%
312nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$34,5020.2%96.1%
325th District of South Carolina (Rep. Ralph Norman)$32,5550.2%96.2%
332nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie Thompson)$29,8400.2%96.4%
3410th District of Texas (Rep. Michael McCaul)$28,8660.2%96.6%
3510th District of Georgia (Rep. Jody Hice)$28,0990.2%96.8%
366th District of South Carolina (Rep. James Clyburn)$26,8580.2%96.9%
374th District of Texas (Rep. John Ratcliffe)$24,5310.1%97.1%
3822nd District of California (Rep. Devin Nunes)$17,9700.1%97.2%
395th District of Louisiana (Rep. Ralph Abraham)$15,5380.1%97.2%
4015th District of Texas (Rep. Vicente Gonzalez)$14,0910.1%97.3%
418th District of Tennessee (Rep. David Kusthoff)$13,8350.1%97.4%
421st District of Georgia (Rep. Buddy Carter)$13,7590.1%97.5%
438th District of Missouri (Rep. Jason Smith)$12,2990.1%97.6%
447th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tim Rice)$12,2750.1%97.6%
453rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$12,2410.1%97.7%
4623rd District of California (Rep. Kevin McCarthy)$8,9800.1%97.8%
4711th District of Florida (Rep. Daniel Webster)$8,3820.0%97.8%
486th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$8,0190.0%97.9%
4913th District of North Carolina (Rep. Ted Budd)$6,5730.0%97.9%
505th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Steve Russell)$6,5260.0%97.9%
514th District of Arkansas (Rep. Bruce Westerman)$6,4120.0%98.0%
5225th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$6,2490.0%98.0%
539th District of North Carolina (Rep. Robert Pittenger)$5,7920.0%98.0%
544th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul Gosar)$4,3650.0%98.1%
5534th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$3,9800.0%98.1%
566th District of Louisiana (Rep. Garrett Graves)$3,9560.0%98.1%
5714th District of Georgia (Rep. Tom Graves)$3,6800.0%98.1%
5827th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$3,6720.0%98.1%
5926th District of Texas (Rep. Michael Burgess)$3,3310.0%98.2%
608th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$3,1600.0%98.2%
612nd District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$3,1100.0%98.2%
625th District of Virginia (Rep. Tom Garrett)$3,0560.0%98.2%
6317th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$2,2520.0%98.2%
648th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$1,9890.0%98.2%
654th District of Kansas (Rep. Ron Estes)$1,8160.0%98.3%
662nd District of Virginia (Rep. Scott Taylor)$1,7540.0%98.3%
675th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$1,3260.0%98.3%
6836th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$8970.0%98.3%
697th District of Tennessee (Rep. Marsha Blackburn)$8000.0%98.3%
7017th District of Florida (Rep. Tom Rooney)$7900.0%98.3%
7131st District of Texas (Rep. John Carter)$7790.0%98.3%
7251st District of California (Rep. Juan Vargas)$6930.0%98.3%
735th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$6000.0%98.3%
7441st District of California (Rep. Mark Takano)$5990.0%98.3%
756th District of Alabama (Rep. Gary Palmer)$5750.0%98.3%
761st District of Mississippi (Rep. Trent Kelly)$4930.0%98.3%
7722nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$4910.0%98.3%
7812th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$3970.0%98.3%
794th District of Georgia (Rep. Hank Johnson)$3960.0%98.3%
803rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$3800.0%98.3%
814th District of Alabama (Rep. Robert Aderholt)$3650.0%98.3%
823rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$2840.0%98.3%
832nd District of Arkansas (Rep. French Hill)$1620.0%98.3%
845th District of Arizona (Rep. Andy Biggs)$1280.0%98.3%
853rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$1060.0%98.3%
861st District of Texas (Rep. Louis Gohmert)$1000.0%98.3%
874th District of California (Rep. Tom McClintock)$840.0%98.3%
881st District of Kansas (Rep. Roger Marshall)$510.0%98.3%
893rd District of Georgia (Rep. Drew Ferguson)$390.0%98.3%
904th District of Louisiana (Rep. Mike Johnson)$350.0%98.3%
912nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$150.0%98.3%
927th District of Texas (Rep. John Culberson)$150.0%98.3%
939th District of Texas (Rep. Al Green)$20.0%98.3%
9435th District of Texas (Rep. LLoyd Doggett)$-19-0.0%98.3%
953rd District of Louisiana (Rep. Clay Higgins)$-425-0.0%98.3%
963rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raul Grijalva)$-7,824-0.0%98.3%
978th District of Arizona (Rep. Trent Franks)$-19,174-0.1%98.2%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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