Conservation Reserve Program payments in the United States totaled $38.6 billion from 1995-2016.

Programs included in Conservation Reserve Program payments

Program Total Payments
CRP - Annual Land Rental$35,463,681,356
CRP - Cost Share$1,947,620,098
CRP - Practice Incentive$489,809,921
CRP - Incentives$394,107,639
CRP - Signing Incentive$331,777,461
CRP - Emergency Forestry Annual Rental$50,790,074
CRP - Transition Assistance Program$32,620,501
CRP - Emergency Forestry Cost Share$10,952,802
CRP - Wetlands$10,096,479
CRP - Riparian Buffer$5,168,932
CRP - Cancellation$1,668,463
CRP - Cumulative Impact Bonus$241,920
CRP - Chesapeake Bay Inititative$171,870
CRP - Honey Bee Incentive Payments$111,800
CRP - Corn Bonus$-130,441
CRP - Annual Rental, Refund$-153,106
CRP - Failure To Comply$-7,399,166
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-129,275,199

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