Total Counter Cyclical Payments in Alabama totaled $1.9 million in 2011

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Counties in Alabama Receiving Total Counter Cyclical Payments payments, 2011

Rank County Total Counter Cyclical Payments
Pct of
1Houston County, Alabama$345,33718.6%18.6%
2Geneva County, Alabama$293,46815.8%34.4%
3Henry County, Alabama$272,81114.7%49.1%
4Coffee County, Alabama$234,77912.7%61.8%
5Barbour County, Alabama$137,2517.4%69.2%
6Dale County, Alabama$134,7967.3%76.4%
7Covington County, Alabama$106,4765.7%82.2%
8Baldwin County, Alabama$69,7853.8%85.9%
9Pike County, Alabama$69,7473.8%89.7%
10Dallas County, Alabama$35,8821.9%91.6%
11Crenshaw County, Alabama$30,9921.7%93.3%
12Escambia County, Alabama$28,6611.5%94.8%
13Bullock County, Alabama$27,9461.5%96.3%
14Mobile County, Alabama$24,2791.3%97.7%
15Russell County, Alabama$21,0611.1%98.8%
16Conecuh County, Alabama$8,1440.4%99.2%
17Monroe County, Alabama$4,1820.2%99.5%
18Butler County, Alabama$8120.0%99.5%
19Autauga County, Alabama$-7,909-0.4%99.1%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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