Subtotal, Disaster Payments in Lewis County, Idaho totaled $171,378 in 2011

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Counties in Lewis County, Idaho Receiving Subtotal, Disaster Payments payments, 2011

Rank County Subtotal, Disaster Payments
Pct of
1Latah County, Idaho$1,259,55726.7%26.7%
2Benewah County, Idaho$652,57313.8%40.5%
3Fremont County, Idaho$634,51113.5%54.0%
4Nez Perce County, Idaho$607,60612.9%66.9%
5Clearwater County, Idaho$240,5155.1%72.0%
6Canyon County, Idaho$239,5215.1%77.1%
7Lewis County, Idaho$171,3783.6%80.7%
8Gem County, Idaho$155,5843.3%84.0%
9Bonner County, Idaho$96,1542.0%86.0%
10Payette County, Idaho$80,1881.7%87.7%
11Kootenai County, Idaho$56,6231.2%88.9%
12Butte County, Idaho$33,4780.7%89.6%
13Idaho County, Idaho$31,0910.7%90.3%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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