Wheat Subsidies in Iowa totaled $266,348 in 2018

Counties in Iowa Receiving wheat subsidies, 2018

Rank County Wheat Subsidies
Pct of
1Davis County, Iowa$33,86012.7%12.7%
2Buena Vista County, Iowa$28,56010.7%23.4%
3Lee County, Iowa$24,4729.2%32.6%
4Des Moines County, Iowa$24,4409.2%41.8%
5Van Buren County, Iowa$21,0437.9%49.7%
6Harrison County, Iowa$10,0603.8%53.5%
7Lucas County, Iowa$8,7873.3%56.8%
8Washington County, Iowa$8,5333.2%60.0%
9Decatur County, Iowa$7,0432.6%62.6%
10Keokuk County, Iowa$6,9652.6%65.2%
11Wayne County, Iowa$6,6182.5%67.7%
12Montgomery County, Iowa$5,9402.2%70.0%
13Appanoose County, Iowa$5,1721.9%71.9%
14Taylor County, Iowa$4,9561.9%73.8%
15Clarke County, Iowa$4,9541.9%75.6%
16Ringgold County, Iowa$4,3751.6%77.3%
17Dubuque County, Iowa$3,8561.4%78.7%
18Adair County, Iowa$3,8391.4%80.1%
19Mills County, Iowa$3,5811.3%81.5%
20Henry County, Iowa$3,2621.2%82.7%
21Jefferson County, Iowa$3,2601.2%83.9%
22Warren County, Iowa$2,7751.0%85.0%
23Guthrie County, Iowa$2,7221.0%86.0%
24Page County, Iowa$2,4180.9%86.9%
25Sioux County, Iowa$2,2010.8%87.7%
26Wapello County, Iowa$2,0380.8%88.5%
27Adams County, Iowa$1,9870.7%89.3%
28Louisa County, Iowa$1,9590.7%90.0%
29Clinton County, Iowa$1,8300.7%90.7%
30Crawford County, Iowa$1,7990.7%91.3%
31Pottawattamie County, Iowa$1,6620.6%92.0%
32Lyon County, Iowa$1,6590.6%92.6%
33Winnebago County, Iowa$1,5050.6%93.2%
34Iowa County, Iowa$1,4200.5%93.7%
35Jones County, Iowa$1,4170.5%94.2%
36Fremont County, Iowa$1,3240.5%94.7%
37Monroe County, Iowa$1,3040.5%95.2%
38Shelby County, Iowa$1,2550.5%95.7%
39Madison County, Iowa$1,1330.4%96.1%
40Jackson County, Iowa$9390.4%96.5%
41Monona County, Iowa$8620.3%96.8%
42Cass County, Iowa$8620.3%97.1%
43Audubon County, Iowa$7320.3%97.4%
44Tama County, Iowa$6240.2%97.6%
45Clayton County, Iowa$5680.2%97.8%
46Fayette County, Iowa$5600.2%98.0%
47Johnson County, Iowa$5250.2%98.2%
48Delaware County, Iowa$4020.2%98.4%
49Hancock County, Iowa$3620.1%98.5%
50Buchanan County, Iowa$3500.1%98.7%
51Webster County, Iowa$3240.1%98.8%
52Benton County, Iowa$3070.1%98.9%
53Palo Alto County, Iowa$3030.1%99.0%
54Cedar County, Iowa$2540.1%99.1%
55Calhoun County, Iowa$2360.1%99.2%
56Winneshiek County, Iowa$2240.1%99.3%
57Clay County, Iowa$2200.1%99.4%
58Humboldt County, Iowa$2090.1%99.4%
59Floyd County, Iowa$2020.1%99.5%
60Black Hawk County, Iowa$1820.1%99.6%
61Marion County, Iowa$1800.1%99.6%
62Polk County, Iowa$1580.1%99.7%
63Muscatine County, Iowa$1490.1%99.8%
64Union County, Iowa$1360.1%99.8%
65Ida County, Iowa$1340.1%99.9%
66Woodbury County, Iowa$1260.0%99.9%
67Poweshiek County, Iowa$820.0%99.9%
68Dallas County, Iowa$630.0%100.0%
69Franklin County, Iowa$340.0%100.0%
70Jasper County, Iowa$190.0%100.0%
71Mahaska County, Iowa$180.0%100.0%
72Linn County, Iowa$150.0%100.0%
73Chickasaw County, Iowa$30.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2019 is incomplete and only includes Market Facilitation Program payments made between January 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019.


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