in Kansas totaled $0 from 1995-2016.

Programs included in

Program Total Payments
Total USDA - Subsidies$20,217,234,151
Subtotal, Farming Subsidies$10,420,910,866
Wheat Subsidies$7,098,296,236
Crop Insurance Premium Subsidy$5,101,963,682
Corn Subsidies$3,920,355,769
Total Direct Payments$3,571,954,828
Sorghum Subsidies$2,894,769,293
Subtotal, Conservation Programs$2,767,681,462
Conservation Reserve Program$2,555,330,488
Production Flexibility Contracts$2,535,293,063
CRP - Annual Land Rental$2,464,248,612
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Wheat$1,997,693,965
Subtotal, Disaster Payments$1,926,653,910
Loan Deficiency Payments$1,669,143,813
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Corn$1,445,163,484
Soybean Subsidies$1,358,105,798
Mkt. Loss Asst. - Commodity Crops$1,301,067,944
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Soybeans$837,222,971
Misc. Disaster Payments$832,963,483
Crop Disaster - Program$780,993,510
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sorghum$735,103,707
Livestock Subsidies$658,200,917
Livestock Disaster / Emergency$645,953,067
Total Agricultural Risk Coverage$558,839,669
Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program$447,707,834
SURE - Program Payments$404,001,184
Total Counter Cyclical Payments$305,226,394
Env. Quality Incentive Program$133,123,386
Deficiency Payments$117,354,121
Total Price Loss Coverage$107,357,239
EQIP - Regular$104,934,307
Sunflower Subsidies$77,060,435
CRP - Cost Share$70,196,168
Marketing Loan Gains$67,202,373
Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE)$59,377,541
Conservation Security Program$49,535,537
Total Conservation Security Program$49,535,537
Oilseed Program$48,692,897
Dairy Program Subsidies$46,016,081
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Payments for Crop Year 2008$43,706,650
Non-insured Assistance$38,465,069
Barley Subsidies$37,138,274
Total Dairy Program$37,017,900
Cotton Subsidies$31,861,068
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sunflowers$31,265,895
EQIP - Ground And Surface Water$19,264,659
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Cotton$17,979,655
Natural Disaster - 1995$11,821,001
Market Loss Assistance - Non-commodity$9,533,654
Total Livestock Indemnity Program$9,176,123
CRP - Signing Incentive$8,736,236
Wetlands Reserve Program$8,617,144
CRP - Incentives$8,500,147
Hard Winter Wheat Incentive Program$8,497,383
Agricultural Conservation Program$8,454,281
EQIP - Acp$7,502,210
Total Commodity Certificates$6,463,760
ACP - Regular$5,966,596
Oat Subsidies$5,914,405
Emergency Conservation$5,529,218
CRP - Practice Incentive$5,512,606
Canola Subsidies$5,207,057
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Canola$4,781,981
Misc. Farm - Subsidies$4,750,675
WRP - Contract Agreement$4,354,537
Grasslands Reserve Program Payment$4,169,967
Grasslands Reserve Program$4,169,967
WRP - Land Capitalized$3,495,724
CRP - Transition Assistance Program$3,157,346
Emergency Conservation - Other$2,765,931
ACP - Long Term Agreement$2,487,739
Wool Subsidies$2,465,863
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)$2,323,675
WHIP - Contract Agreements$2,323,675
Quality Losses Program$1,503,403
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Oats$1,424,955
EQIP - Great Plains Conservation$1,416,518
Wool And Mohair Programs$1,358,638
Emergency Conservation - Tornado$1,231,584
Sheep Meat Subsidies$1,188,345
Total Lamb Payments$1,032,754
Interest Penalty Payments$981,019
Options Pilot Program$964,051
Emergency Conservation - Stafford$848,923
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Barley$798,619
2009 Crop Disaster Program$691,996
Emergency Conservation - Flood$674,834
CRP - Cancellation$661,662
Misc. Conservation Payments$597,766
Cotton Ginning Cost Share Program$567,345
Soil And Water Agricultural Asst Program$557,174
Total Ldp-like Grazing Payments$532,436
WRP - Cost Share$523,789
Mohair Subsidies$186,525
WRP - Easment$177,673
Honey Subsidies$114,890
Tobacco Subsidies$80,398
Dry Pea Subsidies$77,958
WRP - Partner Restoration And Easments$65,327
Disaster Reserve Assistance$48,468
Automated Conservation Long Term$39,968
Tree Subsidies$30,151
Tree Assistance - Total$29,527
Apple Subsidies$27,916
CRP - Wetlands$27,553
Triticale Subsidies$25,147
Market Loss Assistance - Fresh Asparagus$19,016
Peanut Subsidies$11,734
Sesame Subsidies$8,978
Emergency Conservation - Drought$7,945
Flax Subsidies$5,948
EQIP - Col. River Salinity$5,691
Market Loss Assistance - Other$4,700
Tobacco Payment Program$1,993
Mustard Seed Subsidies$667
Sugar Beet Subsidies$271
Safflower Subsidies$143
WRP - Interest$93
Market Loss Assistance - Processed Asparagus$76
ACP - Refund$-54
Disaster - Quality Adjustment$-152
CRP - Annual Rental, Refund$-855
Disaster Supplemental$-33,105
Direct Payment Program Limitation$-78,780
Direct Payment - Late Fees$-159,785
CRP - Failure To Comply$-348,306
Payment Limitation$-478,499
Disaster Assistance$-599,379
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-5,360,681

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