Cotton Subsidies in Clark County, Kansas totaled $22,159 in 2018

Counties in Clark County, Kansas Receiving cotton subsidies, 2018

Rank County Cotton Subsidies
Pct of
1Pratt County, Kansas$1,177,63118.1%18.1%
2Stevens County, Kansas$1,052,70416.1%34.2%
3Sumner County, Kansas$1,011,14115.5%49.7%
4Seward County, Kansas$650,44010.0%59.7%
5Harper County, Kansas$412,6736.3%66.0%
6Reno County, Kansas$354,7955.4%71.5%
7Haskell County, Kansas$308,1084.7%76.2%
8Cowley County, Kansas$296,9114.6%80.7%
9Kingman County, Kansas$268,6904.1%84.9%
10Barber County, Kansas$146,4412.2%87.1%
11Stafford County, Kansas$105,3911.6%88.7%
12Harvey County, Kansas$100,0701.5%90.2%
13Morton County, Kansas$86,0741.3%91.6%
14Grant County, Kansas$83,9461.3%92.9%
15Meade County, Kansas$77,3541.2%94.0%
16Kiowa County, Kansas$75,1091.2%95.2%
17Gray County, Kansas$55,5570.9%96.0%
18Ford County, Kansas$54,0690.8%96.9%
19Sedgwick County, Kansas$47,9180.7%97.6%
20Butler County, Kansas$32,6210.5%98.1%
21Rice County, Kansas$31,0500.5%98.6%
22Comanche County, Kansas$23,3000.4%98.9%
23Clark County, Kansas$22,1590.3%99.3%
24Edwards County, Kansas$18,9710.3%99.6%
25Pawnee County, Kansas$12,5100.2%99.8%
26Marion County, Kansas$6,8640.1%99.9%
27McPherson County, Kansas$2,0920.0%99.9%
28Scott County, Kansas$1,9790.0%99.9%
29Ottawa County, Kansas$1,4840.0%100.0%
30Kearny County, Kansas$1,1260.0%100.0%
31Cloud County, Kansas$1,0770.0%100.0%
32Morris County, Kansas$3880.0%100.0%
33Marshall County, Kansas$1970.0%100.0%
34Sherman County, Kansas$780.0%100.0%
35Douglas County, Kansas$480.0%100.0%
36Jewell County, Kansas$320.0%100.0%
37Riley County, Kansas$170.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2019 is incomplete and only includes Market Facilitation Program payments made between January 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019.


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