Total Livestock Indemnity Program payments in Finney County, Kansas totaled $63,405 in 2018

Counties in Finney County, Kansas Receiving Total Livestock Indemnity Program payments, 2018

Rank County Total Livestock Indemnity Program
Pct of
1Clark County, Kansas$1,454,28338.0%38.0%
2Hamilton County, Kansas$659,58317.2%55.2%
3Logan County, Kansas$358,4669.4%64.6%
4Wichita County, Kansas$338,1308.8%73.4%
5Norton County, Kansas$161,4994.2%77.6%
6Thomas County, Kansas$109,4502.9%80.5%
7Nemaha County, Kansas$91,5612.4%82.9%
8Sherman County, Kansas$85,6322.2%85.1%
9Sheridan County, Kansas$78,0522.0%87.1%
10Lane County, Kansas$75,8912.0%89.1%
11Greeley County, Kansas$69,9471.8%90.9%
12Finney County, Kansas$63,4051.7%92.6%
13Gove County, Kansas$54,0431.4%94.0%
14Morton County, Kansas$44,9211.2%95.2%
15Stevens County, Kansas$35,7350.9%96.1%
16Seward County, Kansas$14,5240.4%96.5%
17Decatur County, Kansas$13,3720.3%96.8%
18Phillips County, Kansas$11,8420.3%97.2%
19Rawlins County, Kansas$11,0470.3%97.4%
20Hodgeman County, Kansas$9,7820.3%97.7%
21Scott County, Kansas$9,6830.3%98.0%
22Reno County, Kansas$9,6210.3%98.2%
23Gray County, Kansas$8,8020.2%98.4%
24Cheyenne County, Kansas$8,7590.2%98.7%
25Morris County, Kansas$8,5830.2%98.9%
26Marshall County, Kansas$7,4160.2%99.1%
27Wilson County, Kansas$7,1110.2%99.3%
28Montgomery County, Kansas$5,5740.1%99.4%
29Anderson County, Kansas$4,3800.1%99.5%
30Smith County, Kansas$3,1630.1%99.6%
31Graham County, Kansas$2,2700.1%99.7%
32Grant County, Kansas$1,9400.1%99.7%
33Cherokee County, Kansas$1,8860.0%99.8%
34Butler County, Kansas$1,8640.0%99.8%
35Labette County, Kansas$1,8380.0%99.9%
36Wallace County, Kansas$1,3210.0%99.9%
37Coffey County, Kansas$9230.0%99.9%
38Ellis County, Kansas$9190.0%99.9%
39Miami County, Kansas$8760.0%100.0%
40Doniphan County, Kansas$6600.0%100.0%
41Bourbon County, Kansas$4380.0%100.0%
42Stanton County, Kansas$1540.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2019 is incomplete and only includes Market Facilitation Program payments made between January 1, 2019 and April 30, 2019.


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