Sunflower Subsidies in Lane County, Kansas totaled $0 in 2019

Counties in Lane County, Kansas Receiving sunflower subsidies, 2019

Rank County Sunflower Subsidies
Pct of
1Sherman County, Kansas$104,46918.4%18.4%
2Scott County, Kansas$50,4548.9%27.3%
3Greeley County, Kansas$41,3037.3%34.5%
4Gove County, Kansas$39,7857.0%41.5%
5Thomas County, Kansas$36,1706.4%47.9%
6Wallace County, Kansas$35,0486.2%54.1%
7Cheyenne County, Kansas$33,0115.8%59.9%
8Logan County, Kansas$23,5774.1%64.0%
9Morton County, Kansas$23,2664.1%68.1%
10Wichita County, Kansas$21,7063.8%71.9%
11Finney County, Kansas$21,2843.7%75.7%
12Reno County, Kansas$19,2363.4%79.1%
13Graham County, Kansas$13,5192.4%81.5%
14Stevens County, Kansas$10,2631.8%83.3%
15Kingman County, Kansas$9,5571.7%84.9%
16Lincoln County, Kansas$8,9101.6%86.5%
17Jewell County, Kansas$6,3311.1%87.6%
18Sheridan County, Kansas$5,8521.0%88.7%
19Smith County, Kansas$5,7291.0%89.7%
20Pawnee County, Kansas$5,2840.9%90.6%
21Decatur County, Kansas$4,9900.9%91.5%
22Osborne County, Kansas$4,9860.9%92.4%
23Edwards County, Kansas$4,2410.7%93.1%
24Russell County, Kansas$3,8670.7%93.8%
25Kearny County, Kansas$3,8040.7%94.5%
26Rice County, Kansas$3,7580.7%95.1%
27Republic County, Kansas$3,6480.6%95.8%
28Grant County, Kansas$2,9080.5%96.3%
29Ellis County, Kansas$2,5730.5%96.7%
30Rooks County, Kansas$2,3480.4%97.1%
31Hamilton County, Kansas$2,2310.4%97.5%
32Sumner County, Kansas$2,1410.4%97.9%
33Saline County, Kansas$2,1370.4%98.3%
34Haskell County, Kansas$1,8630.3%98.6%
35Butler County, Kansas$1,8340.3%98.9%
36McPherson County, Kansas$1,4210.3%99.2%
37Sedgwick County, Kansas$1,4110.2%99.4%
38Pratt County, Kansas$1,2040.2%99.6%
39Cloud County, Kansas$7050.1%99.8%
40Ottawa County, Kansas$6960.1%99.9%
41Trego County, Kansas$6070.1%100.0%
42Ellsworth County, Kansas$440.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2020 includes payments made by USDA through June 30, 2020 and does not include crop insurance premium subsidies.


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