USDA subsidies in Aroostook County, Maine totaled $132 million from 1995-2014.

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Total USDA - Subsidies in Aroostook County, Maine by county, 1995-2014
Rank County Total USDA - Subsidies
Pct of
1Aroostook County, Maine$131,545,94047.5%47.5%
2Maine NRCS$26,437,5729.5%57.0%
3Penobscot County, Maine$21,218,7647.7%64.7%
4Somerset County, Maine$15,328,7285.5%70.2%
5Kennebec County, Maine$13,933,1865.0%75.3%
6Washington County, Maine$9,962,9753.6%78.9%
7Waldo County, Maine$9,856,1433.6%82.4%
8Androscoggin County, Maine$9,233,3283.3%85.8%
9Oxford County, Maine$7,744,8442.8%88.6%
10Cumberland County, Maine$5,957,6602.2%90.7%
11York County, Maine$4,980,0601.8%92.5%
12Franklin County, Maine$4,835,4311.7%94.3%
13Piscataquis County, Maine$4,520,7831.6%95.9%
14Hancock County, Maine$4,018,6291.5%97.3%
15Knox County, Maine$2,976,1761.1%98.4%
16Lincoln County, Maine$2,913,7601.1%99.5%
17Sagadahoc County, Maine$1,493,3520.5%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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