CCC Organic Programs payments in Custer County, Montana totaled $726 from 1995-2023.

Counties in Custer County, Montana Receiving CCC Organic Programs payments, 1995-2023

Rank County CCC Organic Programs
Pct of
1Blaine County, Montana$27,00323.7%23.7%
2Glacier County, Montana$13,15811.6%35.3%
3Lewis and Clark County, Montana$9,3578.2%43.5%
4Liberty County, Montana$9,1038.0%51.5%
5Hill County, Montana$6,8006.0%57.5%
6Valley County, Montana$6,7065.9%63.4%
7Toole County, Montana$6,6745.9%69.3%
8Yellowstone County, Montana$6,1755.4%74.7%
9Roosevelt County, Montana$5,6084.9%79.6%
10Phillips County, Montana$5,2754.6%84.2%
11Missoula County, Montana$5,0064.4%88.6%
12Flathead County, Montana$4,5004.0%92.6%
13Gallatin County, Montana$1,5751.4%94.0%
14Teton County, Montana$1,4131.2%95.2%
15Lake County, Montana$1,3961.2%96.4%
16Dawson County, Montana$8400.7%97.2%
17Lincoln County, Montana$7500.7%97.8%
18Sanders County, Montana$7500.7%98.5%
19Custer County, Montana$7260.6%99.1%
20Sheridan County, Montana$6970.6%99.8%
21Pondera County, Montana$2770.2%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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