Total Livestock Indemnity Program payments in Petroleum County, Montana totaled $71,051 in 2018

Counties in Petroleum County, Montana Receiving Total Livestock Indemnity Program payments, 2018

Rank County Total Livestock Indemnity Program
Pct of
1Phillips County, Montana$705,05418.8%18.8%
2Glacier County, Montana$661,18217.6%36.4%
3Blaine County, Montana$553,56514.7%51.1%
4Fergus County, Montana$380,37910.1%61.2%
5Carbon County, Montana$255,6896.8%68.0%
6Big Horn County, Montana$248,7476.6%74.6%
7Cascade County, Montana$177,2534.7%79.3%
8Wheatland County, Montana$85,8392.3%81.6%
9Petroleum County, Montana$71,0511.9%83.5%
10Yellowstone County, Montana$65,5401.7%85.3%
11Custer County, Montana$65,2281.7%87.0%
12Lewis and Clark County, Montana$56,5401.5%88.5%
13Powell County, Montana$54,5421.5%89.9%
14Hill County, Montana$47,3181.3%91.2%
15Granite County, Montana$40,6561.1%92.3%
16Madison County, Montana$39,1351.0%93.3%
17Judith Basin County, Montana$38,4681.0%94.4%
18Teton County, Montana$34,7830.9%95.3%
19Valley County, Montana$31,9900.9%96.1%
20Rosebud County, Montana$25,3760.7%96.8%
21Musselshell County, Montana$19,9220.5%97.3%
22Golden Valley County, Montana$19,7610.5%97.9%
23Treasure County, Montana$19,6910.5%98.4%
24Broadwater County, Montana$17,5500.5%98.9%
25Jefferson County, Montana$14,0150.4%99.2%
26Powder River County, Montana$10,1230.3%99.5%
27Liberty County, Montana$8,5120.2%99.7%
28Roosevelt County, Montana$7,4770.2%99.9%
29Carter County, Montana$1,7560.0%100.0%
30Deer Lodge County, Montana$1,3200.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2019 is incomplete and only includes Market Facilitation Program payments made between January 1, 2019 and October 31, 2019.


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