Subtotal, Disaster Payments in New Mexico totaled $504 million from 1995-2014.

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Counties in New Mexico Receiving Subtotal, Disaster Payments payments, 1995-2014

Rank County Subtotal, Disaster Payments
Pct of
1Curry County, New Mexico$43,589,9848.6%8.6%
2Quay County, New Mexico$42,541,1348.4%17.1%
3Chaves County, New Mexico$42,414,2588.4%25.5%
4Lea County, New Mexico$36,562,3287.3%32.8%
5Roosevelt County, New Mexico$33,131,6196.6%39.3%
6Union County, New Mexico$29,080,7535.8%45.1%
7Torrance County, New Mexico$27,927,2315.5%50.6%
8Eddy County, New Mexico$22,668,7024.5%55.1%
9DeBaca County, New Mexico$21,438,9054.3%59.4%
10Lincoln County, New Mexico$19,408,2863.9%63.3%
11Guadalupe County, New Mexico$15,072,0483.0%66.2%
12Harding County, New Mexico$14,600,2162.9%69.1%
13Grant County, New Mexico$13,570,5912.7%71.8%
14Luna County, New Mexico$13,196,1332.6%74.5%
15Socorro County, New Mexico$12,636,6672.5%77.0%
16Sierra County, New Mexico$12,055,5522.4%79.3%
17Colfax County, New Mexico$11,955,3252.4%81.7%
18Otero County, New Mexico$10,871,3452.2%83.9%
19Rio Arriba County, New Mexico$9,516,1711.9%85.8%
20Hidalgo County, New Mexico$9,255,8821.8%87.6%
21Dona Ana County, New Mexico$8,731,7921.7%89.3%
22San Juan County, New Mexico$8,528,3501.7%91.0%
23San Miguel County, New Mexico$7,594,5881.5%92.5%
24McKinley County, New Mexico$6,870,9041.4%93.9%
25Catron County, New Mexico$6,718,6061.3%95.2%
26Mora County, New Mexico$5,670,2221.1%96.4%
27Sandoval County, New Mexico$5,654,5111.1%97.5%
28Cibola County, New Mexico$4,941,8771.0%98.5%
29Taos County, New Mexico$2,935,0950.6%99.0%
30Valencia County, New Mexico$2,392,4320.5%99.5%
31Santa Fe County, New Mexico$1,631,4870.3%99.8%
32Bernalillo County, New Mexico$801,2400.2%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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