Total Direct Payments in DeBaca County, New Mexico totaled $76,891 in 2011

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Counties in DeBaca County, New Mexico Receiving Total Direct Payments payments, 2011

Rank County Total Direct Payments
Pct of
1Curry County, New Mexico$4,885,90531.9%31.9%
2Roosevelt County, New Mexico$3,034,93719.8%51.7%
3Quay County, New Mexico$1,301,0008.5%60.2%
4Lea County, New Mexico$1,044,9836.8%67.0%
5Union County, New Mexico$757,3134.9%72.0%
6Luna County, New Mexico$706,4584.6%76.6%
7Chaves County, New Mexico$678,3294.4%81.0%
8Dona Ana County, New Mexico$575,4103.8%84.8%
9Eddy County, New Mexico$501,0893.3%88.0%
10Hidalgo County, New Mexico$386,8582.5%90.6%
11Torrance County, New Mexico$90,5130.6%91.1%
12DeBaca County, New Mexico$76,8910.5%91.6%
13Harding County, New Mexico$57,2700.4%92.0%
14Sierra County, New Mexico$31,5570.2%92.2%
15Colfax County, New Mexico$16,1430.1%92.3%
16Santa Fe County, New Mexico$14,7810.1%92.4%
17Taos County, New Mexico$4,1460.0%92.5%
18Guadalupe County, New Mexico$1,6630.0%92.5%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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