Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments in Tennessee totaled $1.3 million in 2010

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Counties in Tennessee Receiving Livestock Disaster / Emergency payments, 2010

Rank County Livestock Disaster / Emergency
Pct of
1Coffee County, Tennessee$336,01125.4%25.4%
2Overton County, Tennessee$145,95811.0%36.4%
3Blount County, Tennessee$123,3789.3%45.7%
4Cocke County, Tennessee$94,3697.1%52.9%
5Pickett County, Tennessee$80,9576.1%59.0%
6Sevier County, Tennessee$67,5155.1%64.1%
7Grundy County, Tennessee$65,6035.0%69.0%
8Claiborne County, Tennessee$53,8184.1%73.1%
9Marshall County, Tennessee$44,1883.3%76.4%
10Cannon County, Tennessee$41,3433.1%79.6%
11Fentress County, Tennessee$38,2722.9%82.4%
12Rutherford County, Tennessee$26,2732.0%84.4%
13Giles County, Tennessee$26,2102.0%86.4%
14Hancock County, Tennessee$19,4391.5%87.9%
15Hawkins County, Tennessee$17,3791.3%89.2%
16Union County, Tennessee$17,3281.3%90.5%
17Bledsoe County, Tennessee$12,0840.9%91.4%
18Knox County, Tennessee$10,2330.8%92.2%
19Morgan County, Tennessee$9,9600.8%92.9%
20Scott County, Tennessee$6,8240.5%93.5%
21Macon County, Tennessee$3,7400.3%93.7%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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