Total Dairy Program payments in Archer County, Texas totaled $109,979 in 2010

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Counties in Archer County, Texas Receiving Total Dairy Program payments, 2010

Rank County Total Dairy Program
Pct of
1Hopkins County, Texas$291,23212.8%12.8%
2Erath County, Texas$269,32011.8%24.6%
3Bailey County, Texas$179,6147.9%32.5%
4Parmer County, Texas$116,1205.1%37.6%
5Comanche County, Texas$110,2554.8%42.5%
6Archer County, Texas$109,9794.8%47.3%
7Hamilton County, Texas$85,6943.8%51.1%
8Wood County, Texas$67,9663.0%54.0%
9Deaf Smith County, Texas$62,3712.7%56.8%
10Moore County, Texas$61,3322.7%59.5%
11Castro County, Texas$57,9282.5%62.0%
12Tom Green County, Texas$50,3482.2%64.2%
13Dallam County, Texas$47,8102.1%66.3%
14McLennan County, Texas$44,9072.0%68.3%
15Van Zandt County, Texas$43,6691.9%70.2%
16Hartley County, Texas$40,3471.8%72.0%
17Johnson County, Texas$38,7831.7%73.7%
18Henderson County, Texas$38,5961.7%75.4%
19Upshur County, Texas$37,2941.6%77.0%
20Franklin County, Texas$36,7481.6%78.6%
21Lamb County, Texas$28,9211.3%79.9%
22Reeves County, Texas$26,4381.2%81.1%
23Cherokee County, Texas$23,4361.0%82.1%
24Clay County, Texas$21,8111.0%83.1%
25Brown County, Texas$21,2190.9%84.0%
26Lamar County, Texas$13,5060.6%84.6%
27Mills County, Texas$12,0640.5%85.1%
28Camp County, Texas$10,8270.5%85.6%
29Rains County, Texas$8,3020.4%86.0%
30Fayette County, Texas$7,8810.3%86.3%
31Grayson County, Texas$7,5560.3%86.6%
32Lavaca County, Texas$7,2320.3%87.0%
33Hale County, Texas$6,0080.3%87.2%
34Cooke County, Texas$5,3210.2%87.5%
35Nacogdoches County, Texas$5,1030.2%87.7%
36Washington County, Texas$4,8190.2%87.9%
37Wise County, Texas$4,7180.2%88.1%
38Montague County, Texas$3,3960.1%88.3%
39Guadalupe County, Texas$1,3880.1%88.3%
40Harris County, Texas$1,1390.1%88.4%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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