Misc. Farm - Subsidies payments in Eastland County, Texas totaled $0 in 2011

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Counties in Eastland County, Texas Receiving Misc. Farm - Subsidies payments, 2011

Rank County Misc. Farm - Subsidies
Pct of
1Kleberg County, Texas$6,82512.4%12.4%
2Wharton County, Texas$4,7288.6%21.1%
3Williamson County, Texas$4,1337.5%28.6%
4Oldham County, Texas$4,0877.4%36.0%
5Armstrong County, Texas$2,8235.1%41.2%
6DeWitt County, Texas$2,7535.0%46.2%
7Hartley County, Texas$2,6044.7%51.0%
8Karnes County, Texas$2,3554.3%55.2%
9Frio County, Texas$1,8833.4%58.7%
10Potter County, Texas$1,1112.0%60.7%
11La Salle County, Texas$1,1092.0%62.7%
12Swisher County, Texas$1,1002.0%64.7%
13Gonzales County, Texas$1,0091.8%66.6%
14Knox County, Texas$1,0061.8%68.4%
15Bell County, Texas$9541.7%70.1%
16Hill County, Texas$9451.7%71.9%
17Nueces County, Texas$8801.6%73.5%
18Crockett County, Texas$8471.5%75.0%
19San Patricio County, Texas$7851.4%76.4%
20Wichita County, Texas$7041.3%77.7%
21Hansford County, Texas$6951.3%79.0%
22Pecos County, Texas$6651.2%80.2%
23Denton County, Texas$4640.8%81.1%
24Live Oak County, Texas$4500.8%81.9%
25Floyd County, Texas$4390.8%82.7%
26Jefferson County, Texas$4240.8%83.4%
27Brown County, Texas$3700.7%84.1%
28Houston County, Texas$3640.7%84.8%
29Atascosa County, Texas$3310.6%85.4%
30McCulloch County, Texas$3200.6%86.0%
31Young County, Texas$3190.6%86.6%
32McLennan County, Texas$2880.5%87.1%
33Castro County, Texas$2040.4%87.4%
34Wise County, Texas$1960.4%87.8%
35Brewster County, Texas$1770.3%88.1%
36Kent County, Texas$1590.3%88.4%
37Cherokee County, Texas$1390.3%88.7%
38Bee County, Texas$1370.3%88.9%
39Midland County, Texas$1320.2%89.2%
40Victoria County, Texas$1280.2%89.4%
41Terrell County, Texas$1260.2%89.6%
42Coryell County, Texas$1240.2%89.9%
43Brazoria County, Texas$1180.2%90.1%
44Jim Wells County, Texas$1140.2%90.3%
45Mitchell County, Texas$680.1%90.4%
46Howard County, Texas$670.1%90.5%
47Montague County, Texas$480.1%90.6%
48Delta County, Texas$470.1%90.7%
49Burnet County, Texas$380.1%90.8%
50Anderson County, Texas$330.1%90.8%
51Lampasas County, Texas$280.1%90.9%
52Ochiltree County, Texas$170.0%90.9%
53Lamar County, Texas$160.0%90.9%
54Jeff Davis County, Texas$130.0%91.0%
55Wheeler County, Texas$120.0%91.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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