in Sherman County, Texas totaled $0 from 1995-2014.

Programs included in

Program Total Payments
Total USDA - Subsidies$327,080,098
Subtotal, Farming Subsidies$166,620,148
Corn Subsidies$90,950,447
Wheat Subsidies$88,969,975
Subtotal, Conservation Programs$67,349,281
Conservation Reserve Program$66,249,597
CRP - Annual Land Rental$65,055,063
Total Direct Payments$58,362,457
Sorghum Subsidies$43,336,767
Production Flexibility Contracts$41,701,841
Loan Deficiency Payments$31,772,417
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Wheat$31,708,133
Subtotal, Disaster Payments$23,790,812
Mkt. Loss Asst. - Commodity Crops$21,605,012
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Corn$19,078,698
Misc. Disaster Payments$12,465,134
Crop Disaster - Program$11,758,763
Cotton Subsidies$9,786,859
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Cotton$9,412,949
Total Counter Cyclical Payments$8,796,156
Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program$8,657,216
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sorghum$7,887,273
SURE - Program Payments$7,380,886
Deficiency Payments$2,967,289
Livestock Subsidies$2,682,914
Livestock Disaster / Emergency$2,311,511
CRP - Cost Share$1,367,828
SURE - 2010 Recovery Act Payments for Crop Year 2008$1,276,330
Soybean Subsidies$1,028,332
Env. Quality Incentive Program$948,011
Barley Subsidies$541,831
Sunflower Subsidies$537,967
Total Commodity Certificates$528,078
EQIP - Regular$508,124
Non-insured Assistance$480,624
Marketing Loan Gains$455,333
EQIP - Ground And Surface Water$408,080
Natural Disaster - 1995$323,597
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Soybeans$279,069
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Sunflowers$215,779
Hard Winter Wheat Incentive Program$150,429
Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE)$149,822
Agricultural Conservation Program$113,391
Oilseed Program$94,287
ACP - Regular$88,953
Oat Subsidies$52,626
Total Ldp-like Grazing Payments$49,500
EQIP - Acp$31,807
ACP - Long Term Agreement$24,438
Canola Subsidies$23,859
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Canola$23,859
Interest Penalty Payments$18,154
Total Livestock Indemnity Program$13,462
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Barley$9,847
Crop Ins. Premium Subsidy - Oats$7,910
Direct Payment Program Limitation$-6,530
Misc. Farm - Subsidies$-28,182
CRP - Failure To Comply$-36,402
Payment Limitation$-47,325
Disaster Assistance$-99,140
CRP - Haying / Grazing$-175,321

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