Wool and Mohair Programs payments in Rich County, Utah totaled $146,661 from 1995-2021.

Counties in Rich County, Utah Receiving Wool and Mohair Programs payments, 1995-2021

Rank County Wool and Mohair Programs
Pct of
1Sanpete County, Utah$1,343,67818.3%18.3%
2Box Elder County, Utah$922,65512.6%30.9%
3Utah County, Utah$795,78010.9%41.8%
4Iron County, Utah$780,10410.7%52.5%
5Summit County, Utah$586,2458.0%60.5%
6Salt Lake County, Utah$518,8527.1%67.5%
7Uintah County, Utah$345,1634.7%72.3%
8Davis County, Utah$269,3963.7%75.9%
9Wayne County, Utah$177,1072.4%78.4%
10Wasatch County, Utah$170,9362.3%80.7%
11Duchesne County, Utah$167,6352.3%83.0%
12Sevier County, Utah$159,9952.2%85.2%
13Juab County, Utah$152,6532.1%87.2%
14Rich County, Utah$146,6612.0%89.2%
15Carbon County, Utah$130,6911.8%91.0%
16Emery County, Utah$119,8371.6%92.7%
17Morgan County, Utah$116,8071.6%94.3%
18Cache County, Utah$102,8651.4%95.7%
19Grand County, Utah$90,4831.2%96.9%
20Piute County, Utah$89,0391.2%98.1%
21Weber County, Utah$37,0260.5%98.6%
22San Juan County, Utah$33,9190.5%99.1%
23Garfield County, Utah$26,6380.4%99.5%
24Millard County, Utah$13,9970.2%99.6%
25Tooele County, Utah$7,7620.1%99.7%
26Kane County, Utah$7,0310.1%99.8%
27Beaver County, Utah$4,8450.1%99.9%
28Daggett County, Utah$4,7370.1%100.0%
29Washington County, Utah$1,7310.0%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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