Total Direct Payments in Weston County, Wyoming totaled $634,974 from 1995-2014.

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Counties in Weston County, Wyoming Receiving Total Direct Payments payments, 1995-2014

Rank County Total Direct Payments
Pct of
1Goshen County, Wyoming$19,120,63325.9%25.9%
2Laramie County, Wyoming$18,782,24225.4%51.2%
3Platte County, Wyoming$7,073,3109.6%60.8%
4Big Horn County, Wyoming$4,643,7756.3%67.1%
5Park County, Wyoming$4,640,4606.3%73.4%
6Campbell County, Wyoming$3,988,1885.4%78.8%
7Crook County, Wyoming$3,632,4914.9%83.7%
8Washakie County, Wyoming$3,311,4644.5%88.1%
9Niobrara County, Wyoming$2,537,2603.4%91.6%
10Fremont County, Wyoming$1,550,2862.1%93.7%
11Lincoln County, Wyoming$1,522,8962.1%95.7%
12Sheridan County, Wyoming$907,1891.2%97.0%
13Weston County, Wyoming$634,9740.9%97.8%
14Carbon County, Wyoming$428,1430.6%98.4%
15Converse County, Wyoming$391,8540.5%98.9%
16Natrona County, Wyoming$319,5270.4%99.4%
17Teton County, Wyoming$164,6700.2%99.6%
18Johnson County, Wyoming$142,4900.2%99.8%
19Hot Springs County, Wyoming$93,4620.1%99.9%
20Sweetwater County, Wyoming$74,3820.1%100.0%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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