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Conservation Reserve Program payments in West Virginia totaled $10.0 million from 1995-2012.

Counties in West Virginia Receiving Conservation Reserve Program payments, 1995-2012
Rank County Conservation Reserve Program
Pct of
1Hampshire County, West Virginia$3,319,22733.3%33.3%
2Grant County, West Virginia$2,458,10724.7%58.0%
3Hardy County, West Virginia$755,6897.6%65.6%
4Greenbrier County, West Virginia$623,2856.3%71.9%
5Pocahontas County, West Virginia$377,1013.8%75.7%
6Mason County, West Virginia$330,0703.3%79.0%
7Berkeley County, West Virginia$307,2463.1%82.1%
8Preston County, West Virginia$239,4832.4%84.5%
9Jefferson County, West Virginia$207,4652.1%86.6%
10Pendleton County, West Virginia$196,3932.0%88.5%
11Nicholas County, West Virginia$168,4391.7%90.2%
12Monroe County, West Virginia$123,7171.2%91.5%
13Putnam County, West Virginia$115,0121.2%92.6%
14Harrison County, West Virginia$108,5651.1%93.7%
15Mercer County, West Virginia$96,0501.0%94.7%
16Randolph County, West Virginia$70,6110.7%95.4%
17Gilmer County, West Virginia$60,2120.6%96.0%
18Tyler County, West Virginia$58,1250.6%96.6%
19Clay County, West Virginia$44,3880.4%97.0%
20Braxton County, West Virginia$43,8600.4%97.5%
21Webster County, West Virginia$41,3420.4%97.9%
22Kanawha County, West Virginia$37,9840.4%98.2%
23Mineral County, West Virginia$36,2070.4%98.6%
24Marshall County, West Virginia$1,8400.0%98.6%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.