Miscellaneous Disaster Programs payments in the United States totaled $2.2 billion from 1995-2023.

Programs included in Miscellaneous Disaster Programs payments

Program Total Payments
Natural Disaster - 1995$595,894,492
Florida Hurricane Charley Citrus Disaster$350,805,226
Quality Loss Adjustment Program$293,244,966
Pandemic Assistance for Timber Harvesters and Haulers program$194,172,566
Quality Losses Program$149,590,713
Emergency Forestry Restoration Program$64,298,476
Avian Influenza Indemnity Program$52,924,950
Florida Hurricane Nursery Disaster$50,035,355
Sugar Beet Disaster Program$49,130,781
Disaster Reserve - Flood Compensation$40,864,457
Emergency Grain Storage Facility Assistance Program$29,186,909
Dairy Disaster Assistance$21,548,302
Geographically Disadvantaged Program$21,090,586
Pasture Flood Compensation Program$20,406,867
Florida Hurricane Vegetable Disaster$15,222,940
Disaster Reserve Assistance$15,052,919
Nursery Losses In Florida$7,357,970
Tobacco Disaster Assistance$2,696,981
Disaster Supplemental Appropriation$2,661,842
Citrus Losses In California$2,154,433
Fresh Market Peaches$783,991
Flood Compensation- Harney County, Or$706,144
Hurricane Indemnity Program$345,124
Disaster - Cane Sugar$-117,054
Disaster Assistance$-9,778,431

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