Oat Subsidies in the United States totaled $6.7 million in 2011

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Counties in the United States Receiving oat subsidies, 2011

Rank County Oat Subsidies
Pct of
1Morton County, North Dakota$209,7553.2%3.2%
2Grant County, North Dakota$134,1292.0%5.2%
3Aroostook County, Maine$123,3051.9%7.0%
4Emmons County, North Dakota$122,6501.8%8.9%
5Kidder County, North Dakota$107,3481.6%10.5%
6Dunn County, North Dakota$88,8121.3%11.8%
7McKenzie County, North Dakota$78,7761.2%13.0%
8Corson County, South Dakota$76,8971.2%14.2%
9Perkins County, South Dakota$63,8681.0%15.1%
10Baylor County, Texas$63,2631.0%16.1%
11Stark County, North Dakota$63,2181.0%17.0%
12Stearns County, Minnesota$56,9650.9%17.9%
13Burleigh County, North Dakota$54,2910.8%18.7%
14Conejos County, Colorado$51,0550.8%19.5%
15Tripp County, South Dakota$51,0030.8%20.2%
16Gregory County, South Dakota$46,1980.7%20.9%
17Stanislaus County, California$45,5070.7%21.6%
18Harding County, South Dakota$44,4370.7%22.3%
19McPherson County, South Dakota$43,6180.7%22.9%
20Otter Tail County, Minnesota$43,2180.6%23.6%
21Roseau County, Minnesota$43,1340.6%24.2%
22Dewey County, South Dakota$41,7790.6%24.9%
23Mercer County, North Dakota$40,0040.6%25.5%
24Golden Valley County, North Dakota$39,0490.6%26.0%
25Sioux County, North Dakota$38,1120.6%26.6%
26Oliver County, North Dakota$35,6940.5%27.2%
27Campbell County, South Dakota$35,4420.5%27.7%
28McLean County, North Dakota$35,1800.5%28.2%
29McIntosh County, North Dakota$35,0550.5%28.7%
30McLennan County, Texas$33,2620.5%29.2%
31Langlade County, Wisconsin$29,5210.4%29.7%
32Ward County, North Dakota$29,4440.4%30.1%
33Bowman County, North Dakota$29,2130.4%30.6%
34Logan County, North Dakota$29,1000.4%31.0%
35Brule County, South Dakota$28,9520.4%31.4%
36Ziebach County, South Dakota$28,9220.4%31.9%
37Potter County, South Dakota$28,6770.4%32.3%
38Dickey County, North Dakota$28,0720.4%32.7%
39Sonoma County, California$27,2980.4%33.1%
40Burke County, North Dakota$27,1770.4%33.6%
41Walworth County, South Dakota$26,9200.4%34.0%
42Coleman County, Texas$26,8460.4%34.4%
43McHenry County, North Dakota$26,3100.4%34.8%
44Cedar County, Nebraska$26,0240.4%35.2%
45Todd County, Minnesota$25,6920.4%35.5%
46Falls County, Texas$25,6480.4%35.9%
47Billings County, North Dakota$25,4860.4%36.3%
48Richland County, Montana$25,4050.4%36.7%
49Deuel County, South Dakota$25,0480.4%37.1%
50Marshall County, Minnesota$24,8980.4%37.4%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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