Oat Subsidies in the United States totaled $4.7 million in 2019

Counties in the United States Receiving oat subsidies, 2019

Rank County Oat Subsidies
Pct of
1Kidder County, North Dakota$267,2075.7%5.7%
2Bottineau County, North Dakota$172,9863.7%9.5%
3Emmons County, North Dakota$158,0753.4%12.8%
4McHenry County, North Dakota$136,4652.9%15.8%
5Morton County, North Dakota$104,6702.2%18.0%
6Aroostook County, Maine$101,4312.2%20.2%
7Hyde County, South Dakota$87,8891.9%22.1%
8Roseau County, Minnesota$72,5381.6%23.6%
9Corson County, South Dakota$72,4561.6%25.2%
10Grant County, North Dakota$71,1991.5%26.7%
11Marshall County, Minnesota$67,1451.4%28.2%
12McPherson County, South Dakota$64,5871.4%29.6%
13Pierce County, North Dakota$63,5111.4%30.9%
14Burke County, North Dakota$61,3401.3%32.2%
15Rolette County, North Dakota$61,0381.3%33.6%
16Logan County, North Dakota$54,7671.2%34.7%
17Stutsman County, North Dakota$53,9851.2%35.9%
18Brown County, South Dakota$51,3401.1%37.0%
19Golden Valley County, North Dakota$50,4541.1%38.1%
20Dunn County, North Dakota$50,1831.1%39.2%
21Mercer County, North Dakota$50,0801.1%40.2%
22Walsh County, North Dakota$49,4551.1%41.3%
23Judith Basin County, Montana$46,8551.0%42.3%
24Renville County, North Dakota$46,4511.0%43.3%
25Potter County, South Dakota$46,3791.0%44.3%
26Stark County, North Dakota$44,8351.0%45.2%
27Kittson County, Minnesota$42,0910.9%46.2%
28Campbell County, South Dakota$41,4020.9%47.0%
29Tripp County, South Dakota$40,8540.9%47.9%
30Benson County, North Dakota$40,6360.9%48.8%
31Dickey County, North Dakota$40,4950.9%49.7%
32Edmunds County, South Dakota$39,3760.8%50.5%
33Brule County, South Dakota$37,2410.8%51.3%
34Sioux County, North Dakota$35,7290.8%52.1%
35Walworth County, South Dakota$35,6230.8%52.8%
36Burleigh County, North Dakota$34,0180.7%53.6%
37Ward County, North Dakota$33,3840.7%54.3%
38Jones County, South Dakota$33,0430.7%55.0%
39Gregory County, South Dakota$32,8750.7%55.7%
40LaMoure County, North Dakota$31,7060.7%56.4%
41Eddy County, North Dakota$31,3060.7%57.1%
42Glacier County, Montana$31,2890.7%57.7%
43McKenzie County, North Dakota$30,8130.7%58.4%
44Lyman County, South Dakota$28,3690.6%59.0%
45Oliver County, North Dakota$28,1690.6%59.6%
46Polk County, Minnesota$28,1660.6%60.2%
47Day County, South Dakota$27,9070.6%60.8%
48Klamath County, Oregon$27,3330.6%61.4%
49Valley County, Montana$26,4160.6%62.0%
50Deuel County, South Dakota$26,3430.6%62.5%

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.

‡ Data for 2020 includes payments made by USDA through June 30, 2020 and does not include crop insurance premium subsidies.


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