Peanut Subsidies in the United States totaled $4.0 billion from 1995-2016.

Congressional Districts in the United States Receiving peanut subsidies, 1995-2016

Rank District Peanut Subsidies
Pct of
12nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford Bishop)$709,950,62917.7%17.7%
28th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$392,450,6429.8%27.5%
32nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$371,025,8559.2%36.7%
419th District of Texas (Rep. Jodey Arrington)$285,335,9317.1%43.8%
51st District of North Carolina (Rep. G.K. Butterfield)$255,154,3416.4%50.2%
612th District of Georgia (Rep. Rick Allen)$150,795,3223.8%53.9%
74th District of Virginia (Rep. Donald McEachin)$149,974,1103.7%57.7%
811th District of Texas (Rep. Michael Conaway)$135,999,7663.4%61.1%
93rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank Lucas)$124,515,2463.1%64.2%
102nd District of Florida (Rep. Neal Dunn)$113,952,6242.8%67.0%
1113th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$107,112,3582.7%69.7%
1223rd District of Texas (Rep. Will Hurd)$49,850,5551.2%70.9%
131st District of Florida (Rep. Matt Gaetz)$39,345,9601.0%71.9%
143rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter Jones)$39,139,5211.0%72.9%
153rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Scott)$38,775,7551.0%73.8%
1628th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$38,512,0311.0%74.8%
174th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$31,792,9720.8%75.6%
182nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$26,231,0480.7%76.2%
192nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Steve Pearce)$23,540,5060.6%76.8%
201st District of Alabama (Rep. Bradley Byrne)$21,605,4300.5%77.4%
213rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted Yoho)$15,573,4230.4%77.8%
227th District of North Carolina (Rep. David Rouzer)$12,822,9800.3%78.1%
235th District of South Carolina (Rep. Ralph Norman)$9,136,8360.2%78.3%
243rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben Lujan)$8,849,9000.2%78.5%
256th District of South Carolina (Rep. James Clyburn)$8,794,4220.2%78.7%
2610th District of Texas (Rep. Michael McCaul)$7,999,8390.2%78.9%
274th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven Palazzo)$7,717,3560.2%79.1%
2810th District of Georgia (Rep. Jody Hice)$7,568,0340.2%79.3%
294th District of Texas (Rep. John Ratcliffe)$7,044,2320.2%79.5%
302nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$6,933,8140.2%79.7%
315th District of Florida (Rep. Al Lawson)$6,468,7140.2%79.8%
323rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$5,646,5270.1%80.0%
331st District of Arkansas (Rep. Rick Crawford)$4,915,0930.1%80.1%
341st District of Georgia (Rep. Buddy Carter)$3,686,3840.1%80.2%
3515th District of Texas (Rep. Vicente Gonzalez)$3,339,3440.1%80.3%
367th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri Sewell)$3,141,0030.1%80.4%
375th District of Louisiana (Rep. Ralph Abraham)$2,973,0800.1%80.4%
3825th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$2,841,8260.1%80.5%
397th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tim Rice)$2,719,8680.1%80.6%
402nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie Thompson)$2,569,8320.1%80.6%
413rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$1,907,5130.0%80.7%
425th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Steve Russell)$1,868,9240.0%80.7%
4313th District of North Carolina (Rep. Ted Budd)$1,792,3480.0%80.8%
4411th District of Florida (Rep. Daniel Webster)$1,674,5630.0%80.8%
4534th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$1,546,2110.0%80.9%
469th District of North Carolina (Rep. Robert Pittenger)$1,426,2240.0%80.9%
474th District of Arkansas (Rep. Bruce Westerman)$1,356,7290.0%80.9%
482nd District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$1,344,6240.0%81.0%
4912th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$1,190,0060.0%81.0%
508th District of Tennessee (Rep. David Kusthoff)$1,106,2780.0%81.0%
5126th District of Texas (Rep. Michael Burgess)$1,103,2160.0%81.0%
528th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$1,013,5910.0%81.1%
534th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul Gosar)$872,1150.0%81.1%
5417th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$813,0920.0%81.1%
555th District of Virginia (Rep. Tom Garrett)$540,9910.0%81.1%
5621st District of Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith)$534,3750.0%81.1%
578th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$463,0900.0%81.1%
585th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$400,8500.0%81.2%
592nd District of Virginia (Rep. Scott Taylor)$362,1020.0%81.2%
608th District of Missouri (Rep. Jason Smith)$338,2710.0%81.2%
616th District of Alabama (Rep. Gary Palmer)$308,3400.0%81.2%
621st District of Mississippi (Rep. Trent Kelly)$272,1000.0%81.2%
632nd District of Arizona (Rep. Martha McSally)$248,7070.0%81.2%
647th District of Virginia (Rep. Dave Brat)$124,0490.0%81.2%
6517th District of Florida (Rep. Tom Rooney)$101,8790.0%81.2%
663rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$97,1180.0%81.2%
6731st District of Texas (Rep. John Carter)$93,9780.0%81.2%
686th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$93,8360.0%81.2%
6922nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$72,4800.0%81.2%
7036th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$68,9350.0%81.2%
717th District of Texas (Rep. John Culberson)$48,1560.0%81.2%
7235th District of Texas (Rep. LLoyd Doggett)$47,1140.0%81.2%
732nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$44,9150.0%81.2%
743rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$42,2540.0%81.2%
7527th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$39,1580.0%81.2%
761st District of Oklahoma (Rep. Jim Bridenstine)$37,9290.0%81.2%
77At-large District of Delaware (Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester)$37,5570.0%81.2%
784th District of Georgia (Rep. Hank Johnson)$35,2040.0%81.2%
791st District of Kansas (Rep. Roger Marshall)$11,7340.0%81.2%
803rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$10,3050.0%81.2%
8118th District of Texas (Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee)$10,3000.0%81.2%
821st District of Texas (Rep. Louis Gohmert)$8,0780.0%81.2%
833rd District of Georgia (Rep. Drew Ferguson)$7,4540.0%81.2%
843rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raul Grijalva)$6,8180.0%81.2%
8514th District of Texas (Rep. Randy Weber)$5,1500.0%81.2%
8620th District of Texas (Rep. Joaquin Castro)$3,4250.0%81.2%
8725th District of Florida (Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart)$2,2370.0%81.2%
884th District of North Carolina (Rep. David Price)$8700.0%81.2%
891st District of South Carolina (Rep. Mark Sanford)$8000.0%81.2%
9036th District of Texas (Rep. Brian Babin)$6800.0%81.2%
9120th District of Florida (Rep. Alcee Hastings)$2740.0%81.2%
9221st District of California (Rep. David Valado)$1840.0%81.2%
935th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$550.0%81.2%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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