Total Counter Cyclical Payments in the United States totaled $209 million in 2010

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Congressional Districts in the United States Receiving Total Counter Cyclical Payments payments, 2010

Rank District Total Counter Cyclical Payments
Pct of
119th District of Texas (Rep. Randy Neugebauer)$29,438,10514.1%14.1%
22nd District of Mississippi (Rep. Bennie G.Thompson)$15,691,9077.5%21.6%
32nd District of Georgia (Rep. Sanford D.Bishop)$15,271,9197.3%28.8%
48th District of Georgia (Rep. Austin Scott)$10,732,9855.1%34.0%
55th District of Louisiana (Rep. Rodney Alexander)$9,909,9084.7%38.7%
61st District of Arkansas (Rep. Eric A. “Rick”Crawford)$9,695,5864.6%43.3%
711th District of Texas (Rep. K. MichaelConaway)$7,690,4553.7%47.0%
813th District of Texas (Rep. Mac Thornberry)$7,534,4853.6%50.6%
921st District of California (Rep. David G.Valadao)$7,148,5273.4%54.0%
102nd District of Alabama (Rep. Martha Roby)$6,580,1223.1%57.2%
111st District of North Carolina (Rep. G. K.Butterfield)$6,099,2132.9%60.1%
128th District of Tennessee (Rep. Stephen LeeFincher)$5,682,4622.7%62.8%
1312th District of Georgia (Rep. John Barrow)$5,265,8362.5%65.3%
143rd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Frank D.Lucas)$4,038,0581.9%67.2%
158th District of Missouri (Rep. Office of the Eighth Congres$3,881,1961.9%69.1%
1627th District of Texas (Rep. Blake Farenthold)$3,519,9691.7%70.8%
174th District of Virginia (Rep. J. RandyForbes)$3,034,5951.4%72.2%
1834th District of Texas (Rep. Filemon Vela)$2,806,3921.3%73.5%
193rd District of North Carolina (Rep. Walter B.Jones)$2,622,3641.3%74.8%
201st District of Arizona (Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick)$2,470,4461.2%76.0%
211st District of Mississippi (Rep. Alan Nunnelee)$2,089,1791.0%77.0%
2223th District of Texas (Rep. Pete P.Gallego)$1,983,6590.9%77.9%
2322nd District of California (Rep. Devin Nunes)$1,975,1440.9%78.9%
2416th District of California (Rep. Jim Costa)$1,954,6750.9%79.8%
253rd District of Arizona (Rep. Raúl M.Grijalva)$1,867,0260.9%80.7%
267th District of North Carolina (Rep. Mike McIntyre)$1,773,7980.8%81.5%
275th District of Alabama (Rep. Mo Brooks)$1,688,3390.8%82.3%
286th District of South Carolina (Rep. James E.Clyburn)$1,614,2720.8%83.1%
291st District of Alabama (Rep. Jo Bonner)$1,400,2110.7%83.8%
304th District of Oklahoma (Rep. Tom Cole)$1,341,6650.6%84.4%
312nd District of New Mexico (Rep. Stevan Pearce)$1,331,6530.6%85.1%
324th District of Arkansas (Rep. Tom Cotton)$1,329,5100.6%85.7%
331st District of Florida (Rep. Jeff Miller)$1,322,6310.6%86.3%
342nd District of Florida (Rep. Steve Southerland)$1,298,7760.6%86.9%
354th District of Arizona (Rep. Paul A.Gosar)$1,252,9940.6%87.5%
367th District of South Carolina (Rep. Tom Rice)$1,076,1110.5%88.1%
374th District of Alabama (Rep. Robert B.Aderholt)$1,050,2340.5%88.6%
384th District of Louisiana (Rep. John Fleming)$988,7230.5%89.0%
393rd District of Florida (Rep. Ted S.Yoho)$914,8730.4%89.5%
4017th District of Texas (Rep. Bill Flores)$903,0100.4%89.9%
4113th District of North Carolina (Rep. George Holding)$897,7170.4%90.3%
4215th District of Texas (Rep. Rubén Hinojosa)$856,0370.4%90.7%
4323th District of California (Rep. Kevin McCarthy)$766,6060.4%91.1%
445th District of Arizona (Rep. Matt Salmon)$753,7320.4%91.5%
458th District of North Carolina (Rep. Richard Hudson)$673,6100.3%91.8%
467th District of Alabama (Rep. Terri A.Sewell)$646,8360.3%92.1%
473rd District of Mississippi (Rep. Gregg Harper)$640,5870.3%92.4%
483rd District of Alabama (Rep. Mike Rogers)$586,1140.3%92.7%
4928th District of Texas (Rep. Henry Cuellar)$532,4830.3%92.9%
505th District of South Carolina (Rep. Mick Mulvaney)$531,2100.3%93.2%
511st District of Georgia (Rep. Jack Kingston)$526,2800.3%93.4%
5231st District of Texas (Rep. John R.Carter)$468,6400.2%93.7%
5351st District of California (Rep. Juan Vargas)$457,3570.2%93.9%
542nd District of South Carolina (Rep. Joe Wilson)$437,2200.2%94.1%
5510th District of Georgia (Rep. Paul C.Broun)$406,5140.2%94.3%
5636th District of California (Rep. Raul Ruiz)$365,2800.2%94.5%
5722nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Olson)$357,5280.2%94.6%
583rd District of Virginia (Rep. Robert C. “Bobby”Scott)$329,7520.2%94.8%
592nd District of North Carolina (Rep. Renee L.Ellmers)$295,2230.1%94.9%
607th District of Tennessee (Rep. Marsha Blackburn)$286,9610.1%95.1%
616th District of Texas (Rep. Joe Barton)$270,2400.1%95.2%
622nd District of Oklahoma (Rep. Markwayne Mullin)$256,8960.1%95.3%
634th District of Texas (Rep. Ralph M.Hall)$248,1460.1%95.4%
646th District of Louisiana (Rep. Bill Cassidy)$239,5830.1%95.6%
653rd District of New Mexico (Rep. Ben RayLuján)$229,0280.1%95.7%
662nd District of Arizona (Rep. Ron Barber)$225,6000.1%95.8%
678th District of Arizona (Rep. Trent Franks)$224,8940.1%95.9%
684th District of Mississippi (Rep. Steven M.Palazzo)$219,3030.1%96.0%
697th District of Arizona (Rep. Ed Pastor)$191,7510.1%96.1%
7025th District of Texas (Rep. Roger Williams)$190,0540.1%96.2%
7111th District of Florida (Rep. Richard B.Nugent)$174,9050.1%96.2%
7210th District of Texas (Rep. Michael T.McCaul)$170,8680.1%96.3%
736th District of Arizona (Rep. David Schweikert)$137,8370.1%96.4%
744th District of Tennessee (Rep. Scott DesJarlais)$131,2610.1%96.5%
754th District of Kansas (Rep. Mike Pompeo)$99,4720.0%96.5%
766th District of Alabama (Rep. Spencer Bachus)$95,3720.0%96.6%
773rd District of California (Rep. John Garamendi)$85,0050.0%96.6%
788th District of Texas (Rep. Kevin Brady)$70,8430.0%96.6%
799th District of Arizona (Rep. Kyrsten Sinema)$63,5970.0%96.7%
8014th District of Texas (Rep. Randy K.Weber)$59,2420.0%96.7%
8114th District of Georgia (Rep. Tom Graves)$52,1740.0%96.7%
822nd District of Arkansas (Rep. Tim Griffin)$51,9440.0%96.7%
832nd District of Virginia (Rep. E. ScottRigell)$44,2580.0%96.8%
8435th District of Texas (Rep. Lloyd Doggett)$40,3140.0%96.8%
853rd District of South Carolina (Rep. Jeff Duncan)$39,7940.0%96.8%
869th District of Tennessee (Rep. Steve Cohen)$33,3910.0%96.8%
874th District of North Carolina (Rep. David E.Price)$33,0620.0%96.8%
889th District of Georgia (Rep. Doug Collins)$30,2660.0%96.8%
893rd District of Texas (Rep. Sam Johnson)$29,8520.0%96.9%
9011th District of Georgia (Rep. Phil Gingrey)$29,2850.0%96.9%
9110th District of North Carolina (Rep. Patrick T.McHenry)$26,2430.0%96.9%
925th District of Texas (Rep. Jeb Hensarling)$24,8040.0%96.9%
936th District of Tennessee (Rep. Diane Black)$22,7710.0%96.9%
9424th District of California (Rep. Lois Capps)$22,6230.0%96.9%
953rd District of Georgia (Rep. Lynn A.Westmoreland)$20,7440.0%96.9%
9626th District of Texas (Rep. Michael C.Burgess)$20,2410.0%96.9%
975th District of Oklahoma (Rep. James Lankford)$18,9120.0%96.9%
981st District of Virginia (Rep. Robert J.Wittman)$16,6150.0%96.9%
999th District of North Carolina (Rep. Robert Pittenger)$13,5170.0%97.0%
10016th District of Texas (Rep. Beto O’Rourke)$13,2450.0%97.0%
10110th District of California (Rep. Jeff Denham)$10,5850.0%97.0%
1025th District of Virginia (Rep. Robert Hurt)$10,0460.0%97.0%
1031st District of South Carolina (Rep. Office of the First Co$9,0680.0%97.0%
1041st District of California (Rep. Doug LaMalfa)$8,1180.0%97.0%
1051st District of Kansas (Rep. Tim Huelskamp)$8,0930.0%97.0%
1065th District of North Carolina (Rep. Virginia Foxx)$6,2470.0%97.0%
1073rd District of Louisiana (Rep. Charles W.Boustany)$5,7270.0%97.0%
10821st District of Texas (Rep. Lamar Smith)$5,5180.0%97.0%
1092nd District of Kansas (Rep. Lynn Jenkins)$3,3190.0%97.0%
11030th District of Texas (Rep. Eddie BerniceJohnson)$3,1110.0%97.0%
11112th District of North Carolina (Rep. Melvin L.Watt)$2,8890.0%97.0%
1127th District of Virginia (Rep. Eric Cantor)$2,3110.0%97.0%
1138th District of California (Rep. Paul Cook)$2,2620.0%97.0%
11417th District of Florida (Rep. Thomas J.Rooney)$2,1950.0%97.0%
1154th District of California (Rep. Tom McClintock)$2,1610.0%97.0%
11612th District of Texas (Rep. Kay Granger)$2,0650.0%97.0%
1177th District of Texas (Rep. John AbneyCulberson)$1,6970.0%97.0%
1189th District of Texas (Rep. Al Green)$1,5290.0%97.0%
1196th District of Florida (Rep. Ron DeSantis)$1,5270.0%97.0%
1201st District of Maryland (Rep. Andy Harris)$1,4310.0%97.0%
1214th District of Georgia (Rep. Henry C. “Hank”Johnson)$1,1010.0%97.0%
1225th District of Florida (Rep. Corrine Brown)$8390.0%97.0%
12332nd District of Texas (Rep. Pete Sessions)$8360.0%97.0%
1244th District of Missouri (Rep. Vicky Hartzler)$7340.0%97.0%
1251st District of Texas (Rep. Louie Gohmert)$5390.0%97.0%
12620th District of California (Rep. Sam Farr)$5080.0%97.0%
1279th District of California (Rep. Jerry McNerney)$3850.0%97.0%
1286th District of North Carolina (Rep. Howard Coble)$3790.0%97.0%
12924th District of Texas (Rep. Kenny Marchant)$3670.0%97.0%
1303rd District of Nebraska (Rep. Adrian Smith)$3090.0%97.0%
13136th District of Texas (Rep. Steve Stockman)$2880.0%97.0%
1324th District of South Carolina (Rep. Trey Gowdy)$1990.0%97.0%
1337th District of Missouri (Rep. Billy Long)$890.0%97.0%
1342nd District of Texas (Rep. Ted Poe)$420.0%97.0%
1351st District of Kentucky (Rep. Ed Whitfield)$390.0%97.0%
13633th District of Texas (Rep. Marc A.Veasey)$200.0%97.0%
1373rd District of Arkansas (Rep. Steve Womack)$90.0%97.0%
1381st District of Oklahoma (Rep. Jim Bridenstine)$60.0%97.0%

NOTE: Not all recipients were able to be placed into Congressional Districts so the District total may not total 100%. Nationally 96% of all program monies were designated into a Congressional District

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from USDA data.


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